Tappi Partners with MTN to Expand Digital Commerce Solutions in Ivory Coast

In a strategic move to penetrate the Ivory Coast market, digital commerce startup Tappi has announced a partnership with telecommunications giant MTN. Founded in 2022 by Kenfield Griffith and Louis Majanja, Tappi aims to empower small businesses by offering affordable online promotion services starting at just $8 a month. With a focus on providing simple website creation and optimization for Facebook and Google ads, Tappi has already engaged over 150,000 customers across Kenya and Nigeria, generating over $3 million in transactions.

The partnership with MTN, which boasts a market share of over 15 million users in Ivory Coast, marks a significant milestone for Tappi. Through MTN’s integrated data bundles, MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in Ivory Coast will gain access to Tappi’s enterprise-grade tools, enabling them to digitize and expand their customer base effectively.


Kenfield Griffith, founder of Tappi, expressed enthusiasm about entering the Ivory Coast market, citing the country’s robust GDP growth rate of 6.94% and its potential to serve as a gateway to Francophone Africa’s 150 million consumers. Griffith emphasized MTN’s reach, scale, and infrastructure as key factors driving Tappi’s expansion strategy.

Tappi’s pre-seed funding round in December last year, which raised $1.5 million, was led by Mercy Corps Ventures and Chui Ventures. The success of the funding round was attributed to Tappi’s impressive Month-on-Month growth of 19%, bolstering investor confidence. Notable participation from angel investors affiliated with Google and Salesforce underscored the importance of digitization for African MSMEs.


As highlighted in a 2023 World Bank report, 60% of African jobs are within the MSME sector. With the continent’s digital footprint on the rise, there is a growing demand for digital marketing resources and skills among small businesses. Tappi anticipates increased subscriptions as it aims to facilitate the connection between businesses and their potential customers in the online space.

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The partnership between Tappi and MTN represents a collaborative effort to drive digital transformation and empower MSMEs across Africa. With Tappi’s innovative solutions and MTN’s extensive reach, the stage is set for small businesses in Ivory Coast to thrive in the digital age.