March 2024 Performance of Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) Listed Companies

In March, the GSE witnessed varied movements among its listed stocks. Let’s enter into the notable performances of some key stocks on the exchange during the month.

AngloGold Ashanti Limited (AGA) and AngloGold Ashanti Depositary Shares (AADS):
AngloGold Ashanti, a renowned gold mining company, experienced a stable performance during March. Both its ordinary shares (AGA) and depositary shares (AADS) maintained relatively steady prices, with AGA trading at 37.00 and AADS at 0.41. This stability may be attributed to the resilience of the gold market amidst global economic uncertainties.

Ecobank Ghana Limited (EGH) and Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI):
Ecobank Ghana Limited (EGH) and Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) displayed resilience in March. EGH traded at 6.10, while ETI maintained a price of 0.15. Despite challenges in the banking sector due to the pandemic, these companies demonstrated stability, possibly due to strategic initiatives and effective risk management.


NewGold ETF (GLD):
NewGold ETF (GLD), which tracks the performance of gold bullion, exhibited notable growth during March. With a price of 309.20, GLD saw a significant increase of 1.44%. This uptrend likely reflects investors’ interest in safe-haven assets amid inflation concerns and geopolitical tensions.

GCB Bank Limited (GCB) and Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCB):
GCB Bank Limited (GCB) and Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCB) maintained their positions as key players in the banking sector. GCB traded at 3.76, while SCB stood at 19.25. Despite facing challenges such as non-performing loans and regulatory changes, these banks demonstrated resilience and stability in their stock prices.


MTN Ghana (MTNGH):
MTN Ghana (MTNGH), a leading telecommunications company, showed a stable performance in March. With a price of 1.58, MTNGH maintained its position amidst competition and regulatory pressures in the telecom industry.

Enterprise Group Limited (EGL):
Enterprise Group Limited (EGL), an insurance company, demonstrated stability with a price of 2.39. Despite uncertainties in the insurance sector, EGL’s performance remained resilient, possibly due to effective risk management practices.

AADSAngloGold Ashanti Depositary Shares0.41
ACCESSAccess Bank Ghana4.45
ADBAgricultural Development Bank5.06
AGAAngloGold Ashanti Limited37.00
ALWAluworks Limited0.10
ASGAsante Gold Corp8.89
BOPPBenso Oil Palm Plantation Limited21.53
CALCAL Bank Limited1,8530.40+0.00
CLYDClydestone Ghana Limited0.03
CMLTCamelot Ghana Limited0.10
CPCCocoa Processing Company Limited0.02
DASPHARMADannex Ayrton Starwin Plc0.38
DIGICUTDigicut Production & Advertising0.09
EGHEcobank Ghana Limited8146.10+0.00
EGLEnterprise Group Limited12.39+0.00
ETIEcobank Transnational Incorporated10,9860.15+0.00
FMLFan Milk Plc3.20
GCBGCB Bank Limited3.76
GGBLGuinness Ghana Breweries Limited4.44
GLDNewGold ETF8,522309.20+1.44
GOILGhana Oil Company Limited1.50
HORDSHords Limited0.10
IILIntravenous Infusions Limited0.05
MACMega African Capital Limited5.38
MMHMeridian-Marshall Holdings0.10
MTNGHMTN Ghana301.58+0.00
PBCProduce Buying Company Limited0.02
RBGHRepublic Bank Ghana Limited50.48+0.00
SAMBASamba Foods Limited0.55
SCBStandard Chartered Bank Limited19.25
SCBPREFStanchart Preferential Shares0.90
SICSIC Insurance Company Limited0.25
SOGEGHSociete Generale Ghana Limited1.57
TBLTrust Bank Gambia Limited0.82
TLWTullow Oil Plc11.92
TOTALTotalEnergies Marketing Ghana9.50
UNILUnilever Ghana Limited12.00

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March witnessed a mixed performance among GSE listed stocks, with some companies demonstrating stability while others experienced notable movements. The resilience of gold-related stocks like AngloGold Ashanti and NewGold ETF, alongside stable performances from key players in the banking and telecommunications sectors, contributed to overall market stability. However, fluctuations in stock prices highlight the importance of diligent research and risk management for investors navigating the Ghanaian stock market. As we move forward, monitoring these trends will be crucial for investors seeking to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks in the dynamic landscape of the GSE.

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