Simple Ways to Earn Money Without Breaking a Sweat in 2024

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Passive Income Made Simple Passive Income Defined: Passive income refers to earnings generated with minimal active involvement or effort on the part of the recipient. It is income earned from investments, business activities, or creative endeavors that require initial effort but can generate returns over time with reduced ongoing involvement. Passive income streams include dividends … Read more

Let’s Look at Renter’s Insurance: What Does It Truly Cover?

Insurance can often feel like a maze, and if you’re a renter, the term “renter’s insurance” might be floating around your housing decisions. But what exactly does this insurance cover, and how does it navigate the complex landscape of your belongings and living space? Let’s break it down. 1. Safeguarding Your Belongings: The Core of … Read more

An In-Depth Review of HTH Insurance

If you’re navigating the labyrinth of insurance options, you might have stumbled upon HTH Insurance. The burning question arises: What exactly is HTH Insurance, and does it have the prowess to be your insurance ally? Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding this insurance provider. 1. Unveiling HTH Insurance: What Sets It … Read more

Navigating Healthcare Security: A Comprehensive Look at Nationwide Insurance

In insurance, Nationwide Insurance stands as a stalwart, offering a spectrum of coverage options for individuals and families. From its comprehensive offerings to its full name, let’s delve into the core of what Nationwide Insurance does and explore the landscape of health insurance plans it provides. What Does Nationwide Insurance Do? Nationwide Insurance is a … Read more

Banking on Alternatives: Understanding the Suspension of Wise and Others by the Bank of Ghana

In a recent move that has sent ripples through the international money transfer landscape, the Bank of Ghana (BoG) has suspended several prominent players, including Wise, Zeepay, and others. This suspension, driven by alleged violations of regulatory frameworks, has implications not only for the companies involved but also for customers who rely on these services … Read more

World Bank Pledges $12 Billion Boost for Kenya’s Journey to Upper-Middle-Income Status

In a significant stride towards achieving its upper-middle-income aspirations, Kenya has secured a substantial financial commitment from the World Bank. The global financial institution has pledged a whopping $12 billion over the next three years to support Kenya’s developmental initiatives. This financial injection, spanning from fiscal years 2024 to 2026, is set to catalyze the … Read more

OpenAI’s CEO and Chairman Depart Amidst Leadership Concerns

Details Emerge on the Controversial Exit In a surprising turn of events, OpenAI’s renowned CEO, Sam Altman, and its Chairman, Greg Brockman, bid farewell on Friday. The departure followed a review revealing Altman’s inconsistent communication, denting the board’s ability to fulfill its duties and subsequently eroding their confidence in his leadership. Altman’s Resignation: A Mysterious … Read more

Ghana’s Green Drive: Finance Minister Announces Import Duty Waiver on Electric Vehicles

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation, Ghana’s Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, delivered exciting news during a budget reading to parliament on November 15th. The announcement? A significant import duty waiver on electric vehicles (EVs) designated for public transportation. Key Details: Import Duty Waiver for Public Transportation EVs: Duration of Import Duty Waiver: Local … Read more

Kenya Will Return to International Capital Markets


In a strategic move, Kenya’s National Treasury has enlisted the expertise of Citi and Standard Bank as joint lead managers. Their mission: to explore potential international US$ capital markets funding and liability management options for Kenya. The Challenge Ahead: Tackling Eurobond Maturity With the specter of an intense squeeze on foreign exchange reserves in 2024, … Read more

Bolt Food: Shifting Gears with Scheduled Orders in Kenya

bolt food

Bolt Food has been making headlines recently. While the feature is closing shop in Nigeria and South Africa, the company is rolling out a new game-changer in Kenya – Scheduled Orders. What’s the Buzz? Bolt Food’s Scheduled Orders feature allows customers to pre-order meals, even when restaurants are fully booked, closed, or when couriers are … Read more