April 2024 Performance of Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) Listed Companies

GCB Bank Limited emerged as the undisputed champion, showcasing a remarkable performance that eclipsed all other contenders. With a staggering 23.0% return in April 2024, GCB Bank reaffirmed its position as a stalwart in the financial sector. Let’s delve into the highlights of April’s stock market movements and examine the factors contributing to GCB Bank’s … Read more

Starlink Gets Approval in Ghana: What it Means for Tech People

starlink in ghana

Hey folks! Exciting news for us tech-savvy people in Accra and across Ghana – Starlink has just received approval from Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA). If you’ve been following the developments in satellite-based internet technology, you’ll know this is a game-changer for our local tech scene. The approval of Starlink by Ghana’s National Communications Authority … Read more

Unilever Nigeria records N1.17 billion FX Profit in Q1, 2024

The financial report for the first quarter of 2024 by Unilever Nigeria Plc reveals significant changes in the company’s foreign exchange revaluation, influenced by the volatile foreign exchange market in Nigeria. Key highlights from the financial report include: Read Also: Ghanaian Stocks November 2023 Insights and Year-End Strategies In summary, Unilever Nigeria Plc navigated the … Read more

Sachet Pure water is most sold commodity in Nigeria – According to a Survey

The survey conducted by Nairametrics highlights the significant demand for sachet water, commonly known as pure water, in the micro-business sector in Nigeria. Pure water appears to be the fastest-selling commodity across Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, with shop owners reporting high turnover rates and substantial profit margins. Key findings from the survey include: In … Read more

Ghana Government Proposes Tax on Foreign Incomes to Bridge Revenue Gap

The Ghanaian government is exploring alternative revenue-generating measures following the abandonment of its value-added tax (VAT) on electricity earlier this year. One of the proposed solutions is to tax the foreign incomes of resident Ghanaians. In this post, we’ll delve into the details, implications, and significance of this proposed tax measure. Details of the Revenue … Read more

Vodacom Tanzania Acquires Smile Communications Tanzania: A Closer Look

Vodacom Tanzania’s recent acquisition of Smile Communications Tanzania has stirred discussions in the telecom industry. This deal marks a significant move for both companies and is expected to influence the telecom landscape in Tanzania. In this post, we’ll delve into the details, implications, and data insights surrounding this acquisition. Details of the Acquisition: Vodacom Tanzania … Read more

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) Introduces New Gold-Backed Currency

In a significant move aimed at stabilizing the country’s monetary system, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has initiated trading in Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG), the nation’s new gold-backed currency. This development follows the recent decision by the country’s central bank to demonetize the Zimbabwean dollar as part of broader monetary policy measures announced on April 5th. … Read more

March 2024 Performance Analysis of Nigerian Stock Exchange Listed Companies

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) serves as a vital platform for investors to participate in the country’s economy. March witnessed a blend of movements among various stocks listed on the NSE. Here, we explore the performances of some notable stocks during the month: Top Performers: Stable Performers: Challenges Faced: Read Also: March 2024 Performance of … Read more