Togo Startup Gozem Acquires Benin Fintech Moneex in Strategic Fintech Move

Togolese startup Gozem is set to acquire Moneex, a thriving fintech in Benin, unlocking new avenues in the digital landscape. Let’s dive into the details of this game-changing acquisition! The Power Play: Gozem’s Acquisition of Moneex The financial dynamics of this acquisition are kept under wraps, adding an element of intrigue to the strategic move. … Read more

Qatar Financial Centre and Kigali International Financial Centre Renew Collaboration for Financial Sector Development

The Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) and Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC) have reaffirmed their commitment to collaborative efforts for the development of their respective financial sectors. The renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), initially signed in 2021, solidifies the strategic partnership’s objectives, including global promotion of QFC and KIFC, capacity building, skills development, … Read more

Valr, South Africa’s Crypto Exchange, Secures Preliminary Endorsement from Dubai Virtual Assets Regulator

South Africa-based cryptocurrency exchange, Valr, recently announced a significant milestone in its expansion strategy—initial approval from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). While this marks a pivotal step for Valr in establishing a global presence, it’s important to note that the approval, for now, does not grant the exchange the ability to offer virtual asset … Read more

South Africa’s Mining Dilemma: Profit Plunge and Tax Turmoil

The South African mining sector is grappling with a substantial drop in profits, a predicament that has far-reaching consequences, especially for the nation’s tax collection. The recently released PwC South Africa’s 2023 SA Mine report sheds light on the various challenges faced by mining companies, from declining profits and cash flows to increased input costs … Read more

Crypto in Africa Defies Global Trends Amid Market Volatility

Crypto currency

Despite the global crypto landscape experiencing a decline from the record highs of the 2021 bull run, Africa, particularly Nigeria, remains a beacon of crypto resilience, showcasing continued adoption despite market fluctuations. As of September, Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, saw a nearly 60% decrease from its peak, while Ethereum witnessed a decline of almost … Read more

Kenya’s Inflation Inches Up: A Look at the Numbers and Influencing Factors

Kenya’s inflation, as measured by the Kenya Consumer Price Index (KECPI), saw a slight uptick in September, fueled by a general increase in prices across all sectors, according to a statement from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics released on Friday. In September, year-on-year inflation stood at 6.8%, a marginal rise from the 6.7% recorded … Read more

Liberia’s Central Bank Sets Deadline for Old Banknotes: March 31, 2024

Currency Evolution: Out with the Old, In with the New In a significant move, the Central Bank of Liberia has declared that banknotes predating 2021 will lose their status as legal tender after March 31, 2024. This development follows a year-long initiative facilitating the exchange of old currency for the newly introduced family of banknotes. … Read more