Bolt Food: Shifting Gears with Scheduled Orders in Kenya

Bolt Food has been making headlines recently. While the feature is closing shop in Nigeria and South Africa, the company is rolling out a new game-changer in Kenya – Scheduled Orders.

What’s the Buzz?

Bolt Food’s Scheduled Orders feature allows customers to pre-order meals, even when restaurants are fully booked, closed, or when couriers are in high demand.


What It Means

The Scheduled Order feature aims to enhance the overall Bolt Food app experience. It enables customers to plan meal deliveries at their preferred time and location. According to Edgar Kitur, the Country Manager at Bolt Food, this feature benefits restaurants, couriers, and customers.

How It Works

To schedule an order, customers need to choose “Schedule Order” as the delivery option after selecting a food item. They can then specify the preferred date and time for the meal delivery.


Collaboration for More Options

Bolt Food is teaming up with over 40 providers on the platform to ensure Kenyans have access to a variety of delivery options, especially after midnight.

In a nutshell, Bolt Food is shifting gears in Kenya with the introduction of Scheduled Orders – a feature that puts the power in the hands of customers, streamlines operations for restaurants, and strategically benefits couriers. It’s a new way to enjoy your favorite meals on your own schedule.

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