Microeconomics Explained: individual decision-making, production, and resource allocation.

In economic systems, microeconomics serves as the magnifying glass, honing in on the individual cogs that drive the larger machinery of our financial world. As we embark on this journey through the realms of microeconomics, our goal is to unravel the mysteries surrounding individual decision-making, production, and resource allocation. Let’s start by peeling back the … Read more

What is Inflation?

Inflation is an economic concept that describes the sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over time. This results in a decrease in the purchasing power of a currency, as each unit of money buys fewer goods and services. Several factors contribute to inflation, and its effects can … Read more

Nigeria Stock Exchange Recap – January 2024: The Stars, The Laggards, and Your Next Move

As the echoes of January 2024 fade, the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) stands testament to a month of dynamic financial shifts. Let’s dissect the performances and identify the stars and laggards, guiding you on your next strategic move. Top Performers: Underperformers: Recommendations: Ticker Name Volume Price Change ABBEYBDS Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc 1,652 2.99 +0.00 … Read more

A Culture of Inclusion: Nurturing Workplace Diversity and Belonging

In modern business, fostering a culture of inclusion is not just an ethical imperative; it’s a strategic investment in the collective strength and innovation of a diverse workforce. A workplace that embraces diversity and cultivates a sense of belonging not only attracts top talent but also propels organizations toward sustainable success. Let’s explore the pillars … Read more

Coinbase and Yellow Card Unite to Revolutionize Digital Asset Access in Africa

In a move set to reshape the digital asset landscape across Africa, Coinbase, the leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, and Yellow Card have joined forces to enhance access to USDC and digital assets on the continent. Coinbase Wallet Meets Yellow Card Widget: A Game-Changer for Africa Coinbase has seamlessly integrated the Yellow Card Widget into its … Read more

Turning the Night Into Profits: A Guide to Making Money with Your Bar Lounge Business

Is the Bar Business a Goldmine? Let’s address the elephant in the room – is running a bar lounge profitable? Well, it’s not just the elephant; it’s the whole savannah. The bar business can be a roaring success, provided you mix the right cocktail of atmosphere, service, and savvy financial management. If done right, it’s … Read more

Increase Profit in Turkey Farming: A 2024 Guide

turkey farming business 2024

Turkey farming is a lucrative venture with the potential for substantial profits when managed effectively. If you’re considering entering the turkey farming business, here’s a guide on how to make money, the profitability of farming turkeys, the growth timeline, the ease of turkey farming, and key aspects of setting up the farm, including costs and … Read more

Naira Strengthens Against the Dollar: A Detailed Overview of Forex Trends and Market Dynamics

African hands holding multiple spread nigerian currency, money or cash with a two notes of american hundred dollar placed them

Naira’s Triumph: A Strong Close at N844.85/$1 On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, the Naira demonstrated further strength against the dollar, closing at N844.85/$1 in the official market, marking a 5.15% appreciation. The NAFEM data revealed a closure at N888.35/$1, reflecting a N43.5 gain or a 5.15% increase compared to Monday’s close. Throughout the day, the … Read more