SpaceX’s Starlink and Jumia Partner to Boost Internet Access in Africa

In a groundbreaking move, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has joined forces with Jumia, a prominent African e-commerce company, to extend broadband internet connectivity across the continent.

Key Details

Jumia is set to offer Starlink satellite terminals for sale in eleven carefully selected African nations, with Nigeria being the first to experience this expansion in the coming weeks.


Nigeria took the lead in January by becoming the inaugural African country to benefit from Starlink services.


Starlink, a venture by SpaceX, is making significant strides in providing its services across Africa. In the current year, it initiated its services in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, and Rwanda.


Unlike traditional satellite internet setups, SpaceX utilizes small, flat user terminals equipped with phased array antennas to track satellites. These portable terminals can be strategically placed anywhere with a clear view of the sky.

By the Numbers

Starlink boasts a constellation of over 5,000 small satellites orbiting the Earth at low altitudes. This vast network ensures internet coverage in regions that were previously devoid of connectivity.

Source: Bloomberg

This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards bridging the digital divide in Africa, enhancing access to reliable internet services in regions where connectivity has historically been a challenge. The deployment of Starlink services through Jumia’s platform marks a revolutionary leap in advancing technological inclusivity on the African continent.