Top performing stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange as of July 31 According to CediTalk

As per the July 31 monthly report by Ceditalk, the overall stock market experienced a notable upswing of 21.8% by the end of July. However, the financial stocks segment encountered a decline of 16.44% throughout the year. Let’s take a closer look at the performance of individual stocks this year:

Top Performers:

  1. Benso Oil Palm: Exhibited an impressive growth of 83%.
  2. Total Petroleum: Demonstrated strong performance with a substantial increase of 70%.
  3. MTN: Posted a noteworthy rise of 62%.
  4. Unilever: Experienced a solid growth rate of 36%.

Worst Performers:

  1. Fan Milk: Suffered a significant drop of 56%.
  2. SIC: Experienced a decline of 35%.
  3. Stanchart: Witnessed a decrease of 33%.
  4. Societe Generale: Encountered a reduction of 27%.
  5. Enterprise: Experienced a decline of 24%.

The performance of these individual stocks showcases the diverse landscape of the market, with certain companies demonstrating robust growth, while others faced challenges during this period. As investors and analysts assess these results, it becomes essential to consider various factors influencing each company’s performance, including industry trends, economic conditions, and company-specific factors.

EquityShare Price (GH¢)July PerformanceFull Year Performance
Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd.2.832.08%36.59%
Societe Generale Ghana Limited0.7323.73%-27.00%
MTN Ghana Ltd1.438.33%62.50%
CAL Bank Limited0.646.67%-1.54%
Total Petroleum Ghana Ltd6.85.43%70.00%
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd.13.54.57%-33.04%
Ghana Commercial Bank Limited3.33.12%-16.24%
AngloGold Ashanti Limited0.410.00%0.00%
Agricultural Development Bank5.060.00%0.00%
AngloGold Ashanti Limited370.00%0.00%
Aluworks LTD0.10.00%0.00%
Asante Gold Corp8.870.00%0.00%
Clydestone (Ghana) Limited0.030.00%0.00%
Camelot Ghana Ltd0.10.00%0.00%
Cocoa Processing Company0.020.00%0.00%
Ecobank Ghana Ltd5.40.00%-18.67%
Enterprise Group Limited2.410.00%-24.69%
Ecobank Transnational Incorporation0.150.00%0.00%
Fan Milk Limited1.320.00%-56.00%
Ghana Oil Company Limited1.650.00%-4.07%
HORDS LTD0.10.00%0.00%
Intravenous Infusions (IIL)0.040.00%0.00%
Mega African Capital Limited5.380.00%0.00%
Meridian-Marshalls Holdings0.110.00%0.00%
Produce Buying Company Ltd.0.020.00%0.00%
Pesewa One PLC0.680.00%0.00%
Republic Bank0.540.00%0.00%
Samba Foods Ltd0.550.00%0.00%
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd – Preference Shares0.90.00%0.00%
Trust Bank Limited (THE GAMBIA)0.820.00%2.50%
Tullow Oil Plc11.920.00%0.00%
Unilever Ghana Limited6.240.00%60.82%
Benso Oil Palm Plantation Ltd14-0.78%83.01%
NewGold Issuer Limited218.9-1.04%0.51%
SIC Insurance Company Limited0.2-13.04%-35.48%
Access Bank Ghana3.28-13.68%-18.20%

Source: CediTalk