Copianto AI Secures €100,000 Investment on Shark Tank Malta

In a groundbreaking success, Copianto AI, a conversational AI search platform catering to enterprises, secured a substantial €100,000 investment on the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank Malta. The funding round saw the active participation of four angel investors: Mark Bajada, Alex Fenech, Kirsy Kullman, and Dino Fino.

With this significant investment injection, Copianto AI aims to establish a strong presence in Malta, acquire a substantial customer base, and strategically expand its operations across the European Union market. The startup specializes in providing businesses with advanced tools to develop conversational search experiences, leveraging state-of-the-art generative artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM).

Unlike conventional keyword-based searches, Copianto AI’s platform employs vector search technology, creating a knowledge base from unstructured data such as audio, images, and videos, making it easily searchable. Enterprises can harness this searchable data to create intelligent assistants or copilots, assisting users in finding the information they seek.


From MEST Africa to Malta: Copianto AI’s Meteoric Rise

Founded in 2022 by former Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology alumni Timothy Afrane Wuo-Asare, Daniella Darlington, Alex Boateng, and Alfred Sosu, Copianto AI initially launched an AI-powered SaaS platform for writing and content creation. The platform provided a convenient and efficient method for generating high-quality content.


Copianto AI’s journey includes being one of the five startups awarded a $100,000 seed capital after participating in the Entrepreneurs-in-Training Program in 2022, backed by MEST Africa. The pivotal moment on Shark Tank Malta was facilitated through the BlueSPACE Startup Trade Mission, a collaboration between the BlueSPACE Innovation Hub and the Maltese High Commission in Ghana. The mission aims to foster collaborations between the Ghanaian and Maltese startup ecosystems, providing startups with opportunities to explore new markets and connect with potential customers.

This successful investment marks a significant milestone for Copianto AI, highlighting the growing recognition and support for innovative solutions in the conversational AI space.

What’s Next for Copianto AI: A Euro-Ghanaian Tech Company?

In my opinion, Copianto AI seems poised for an exciting journey ahead. With the substantial €100,000 investment secured from Shark Tank Malta and a strategic plan in place, the company is gearing up for significant milestones. Here’s a glimpse of what might be next for Copianto AI:

1. Establishing a Strong Presence in Malta:

Armed with newfound financial muscle, Copianto AI is likely to set up shop in Malta, creating a solid base for operations. This move could involve establishing partnerships with local businesses, engaging the tech community, and contributing to Malta’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

2. Customer Acquisition and Expansion Across Europe:

The funding injection provides Copianto AI with the firepower to acquire customers aggressively. With a focus on the European Union market, the company may embark on a mission to showcase its conversational AI prowess to businesses across borders, potentially expanding its reach and influence.

3. Product Enhancement and Innovation:

Tech is a relentless race, and Copianto AI might use the funding to continuously enhance its product offerings. Expect updates, new features, and perhaps even groundbreaking innovations as they strive to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic field of conversational AI.

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4. Building Strategic Partnerships:

Beyond the BlueSPACE Trade Mission, Copianto AI might explore additional strategic partnerships. Collaborations with tech giants, enterprises, or even research institutions could amplify their capabilities, foster innovation, and open doors to new opportunities.

5. Community Engagement and Talent Development:

With success comes responsibility. Copianto AI could channel efforts into community engagement initiatives, nurturing local talent, and contributing to educational programs. This commitment to social impact aligns with the ethos of many successful tech ventures.

6. Showcasing Ghanaian Tech Excellence Globally:

Copianto AI has the potential to become a beacon of Ghanaian tech brilliance on the global stage. As they expand, they may actively participate in international tech events, conferences, and collaborations, showcasing not just their product but the innovation emanating from the Ghanaian tech scene.

7. Potential New Products or Services:

The entrepreneurial spirit that birthed Copianto AI’s success may lead to the exploration of new ideas and ventures. Whether it’s diversifying their product line or venturing into related tech domains, the company’s trajectory could involve exciting pivots.

8. Navigating Challenges with Resilience:

The tech landscape is not without challenges. Copianto AI’s journey will likely involve navigating hurdles, be it technological advancements, market shifts, or competition. The ability to adapt and overcome challenges will be crucial for their sustained success.

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In essence, the future looks promising for Copianto AI. As they navigate this tech odyssey, their commitment to innovation, strategic thinking, and impactful contributions to the tech ecosystem could propel them to even greater heights. Watch this space for the next chapter in Copianto AI’s remarkable story! 🚀🌍

Source: Shark Tank Malta