Kenya’s Blue Economy Strategy Aims to Transform Livelihoods Through Restocking and Development

The Kenyan government is rolling out a comprehensive strategy to harness the potential of the blue economy, aiming to transform the lives of its citizens through restocking initiatives and the construction of fish landing sites. The strategy focuses on tapping into the vast resources of Lake Victoria and other water bodies, which hold the promise of higher GDP growth and sustainable development.

Unlocking the Blue Economy’s Potential

Kenya’s blue economy, which encompasses fisheries, marine activities, and maritime services, has the potential to contribute significantly to GDP growth. While fisheries currently account for around 0.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it employs over two million people in various related sectors such as fishing, boat building, equipment repair, and fish processing. The government, in partnership with stakeholders, seeks to elevate this contribution by exploring innovative approaches and sustainable practices.


Restocking Lake Victoria and Promoting Fishing Stocks

President William Ruto emphasized the importance of tapping into the blue economy’s resources to bring about transformative change. The government’s comprehensive plan includes restocking Lake Victoria with fingerlings to enhance fishing stocks and promote food security. With untapped potential in the blue economy, the government envisions integrating the sector to create employment opportunities and ensure food security.

Investment in Infrastructure and Value Addition

The government is also investing in key infrastructure, including the construction of fish landing sites, to promote value addition and reduce post-harvest losses. A major fish landing site, the Mulukhoba fish landing site in Budalangi, Busia County, was recently inaugurated by President Ruto. Equipped with modern cold storage facilities, this landing site can process over 10 tonnes of fish daily, ensuring longer shelf life and maintaining fish quality.


Long-Term Growth and Transformation

Kenya’s pursuit of a thriving blue economy aligns with its goal of long-term growth and sustainable development. By leveraging the potential of its water resources, including Lake Victoria, the government aims to create a more resilient and diversified economy that benefits its citizens, boosts food security, and creates employment opportunities. The comprehensive strategy underscores the commitment to tapping into the blue economy’s potential and driving positive change across various sectors.