Kenya’s President William Ruto Leads Delegation to the US for Second US-Kenya Business Roadshow

Fostering International Investment: President Ruto’s Delegation Heads to the US Kenya’s President, William Ruto, is set to lead a high-profile delegation to the United States for the second US-Kenya Business Roadshow. The delegation, which includes the US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, is focused on attracting venture capital (VC) investment into Kenya’s burgeoning tech industry. … Read more

Ghana’s Inflation in August 2023 Drops to 40.1%: A Positive Sign for the Economy


Ghana’s inflation rate for August 2023 has dipped to 40.1%, down from the 43.1% recorded in July of the same year. This significant decrease indicates that, compared to August 2022, the general price level was 40.1% higher. Let’s dive into the details. Food Inflation Shows Improvement Among the noteworthy changes, food inflation also exhibited a … Read more

Central Bank of Kenya Receives Robust Bids at Treasury Bills Auction

T-Bills Treasury Bills - Inscription on Green Keyboard Key.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) recently conducted its weekly treasury bills auction, revealing a notable surge in investor interest. The auction, which had initially offered KSh 24 billion worth of treasury bills, attracted bids amounting to KSh 38.8 billion—an impressive oversubscription rate of 161.8%. This article delves into the details of this auction, highlighting … Read more

Kenya Takes a Stand Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing: New Laws Signed into Effect

100 euro bills hanging on a clothline zoom and cross processed

In a significant move aimed at strengthening the nation’s stance against money laundering and terrorism financing, President William Ruto of Kenya has signed the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Terrorism Financing Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2023 into law. This pivotal legislative development is poised to address longstanding deficiencies in the country’s efforts to combat financial crimes. … Read more

MTN Nigeria Raises N125 Billion via Commercial Paper Notes to Bolster Financing Options

MTN Nigeria Communications PLC (MTN Nigeria) has successfully raised N125 billion through the issuance of Series 6 and 7 commercial paper notes. This significant move is part of the telecom giant’s ongoing strategy to diversify its financing options and reduce its average cost of debt. The company disclosed this development in an official statement signed … Read more

West-African Coups in a Post-COVID World: Impact on Startups and Businesses

Man, woman and business team with tablet in office for discussion, planning and project information in startup. Diversity, employees and digital technology for research, collaboration and online app. Startups

In the intricate tapestry of West Africa’s recent surge of coups, a thread of concern weaves through the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. From Mali to Guinea and Burkina Faso, Niger, and Now Gabon the unsettling waves of political upheaval have sent ripples across the startup ecosystem, leaving entrepreneurs and businesses grappling with the repercussions in a … Read more

Kenya Gears Up to Export Avocado Fruits to India, Boosting Farmers’ Earnings and Employment

avocado on wooden background KENYA

Kenya is set to commence avocado fruit exports to India this September, marking a significant milestone for the country’s farmers. With access to the Indian market, Kenyan avocado growers are poised to expand their plantings, leading to higher earnings, increased employment opportunities, and downstream benefits. A Promising New Market The approval from the Indian government … Read more

Navigating Kenya’s Economic Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges

Economic Growth concept on the gearwheels, 3D rendering

Kenya’s economic landscape is facing a dynamic and ever-shifting environment, presenting both opportunities and challenges for investors and savers in the country. With a recent inflation rate of 7.28% as of July 2023, individuals are grappling with the need to preserve their savings against the erosive effects of rising prices. Despite a recent slowdown in … Read more

Strong Demand as Mozambique Issues Treasury Bonds

3D Rendering of government building icon on text bond in red on white background concept of investment. 3D Render.

Mozambique’s recent foray into the Treasury Bonds market has yielded promising results, with demand far outpacing supply. On Tuesday, August 22, the nation offered 481 million meticais in a single issue of Treasury Bonds (OT) through the Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM). The response was overwhelming, with demand reaching three times the supply. Successful Treasury Bonds … Read more

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