Sachet Pure water is most sold commodity in Nigeria – According to a Survey

The survey conducted by Nairametrics highlights the significant demand for sachet water, commonly known as pure water, in the micro-business sector in Nigeria. Pure water appears to be the fastest-selling commodity across Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, with shop owners reporting high turnover rates and substantial profit margins.

Key findings from the survey include:

  1. High Demand: Shop owners universally identified pure water as the fastest-selling commodity, outpacing other goods in turnover rate and profitability.
  2. Profitability: The profit margins on pure water are attractive for shop owners. For instance, Mama Chisom in Lagos reported making a profit of N200 every 10 or 15 minutes, while Elizabeth Akanji in Oyingbo Market boasted similar profits within even shorter timeframes.
  3. Regional Variations: The profit margin varies across regions, with Port Harcourt and Abuja showing higher profit margins. In Port Harcourt, the profit margin was reported to be N600 per bag, while in Abuja, it was also N600 per bag.
  4. Consistent Demand: Pure water sales remain consistent, with shop owners reporting rapid sales even during peak business hours. Dieye Wilson in Mile One Market mentioned selling a sachet of pure water every minute.
  5. Consumer Behavior: The survey by the Department of Community Medicine, University of Jos, supports the high demand for sachet water, especially during the dry season. About 70% of Nigerian adults consume at least one sachet of water daily, and 62.4% reported an increase in sachet water consumption over the last five years.
  6. Reasons for Consumption: The affordability, safety, and portability of sachet water were cited as primary reasons for its popularity among consumers. Moreover, the perception of the safety of sachet water has risen by 68%.
  7. Economic Perspective: Dr. Aloysius Akpan, an economist, emphasized that sachet water serves as a vital substitute in Nigeria due to the scarcity of potable water. He estimated that more than 300 million sachet waters are consumed daily in Nigeria.

In summary, sachet water has emerged as a highly profitable and in-demand commodity in Nigeria’s micro-business sector, driven by its affordability, safety, and convenience. The consistent demand for pure water underscores its importance as a primary source of potable water for many Nigerians, especially in urban areas where access to clean water remains a challenge.