Spotify Increases Price of Premium Individual Service in Ghana

Spotify, the popular audio streaming platform, has announced a price increase for its “Premium Individual” service in Ghana. This premium service, which allows users to enjoy Spotify without any advertising interruptions, will see a change in pricing from GHS 17.00 per month to GHS 22.00 per month.

In an email sent to subscribers, Spotify explained that the price adjustment is necessary to support ongoing investments and innovations in their product offerings and features. The company aims to provide users with the best possible experience while continuing to expand its platform.

According to Spotify, they are working on adding new features to their service for international markets, including audiobooks and a HiFi lossless streaming feature. These additions are expected to be part of Spotify’s upcoming “Supremium” plan, which promises improved audio quality and enhanced content options for users.


The price increase reflects Spotify’s commitment to delivering high-quality services and investing in future advancements to meet the evolving needs of its users. Despite the change in pricing, Spotify remains dedicated to providing an exceptional streaming experience and maintaining its position as a leading platform in the audio streaming industry.