Interswitch and M-Kudi Merge: Paving the Way for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

In a strategic move that could reshape Nigeria’s financial landscape, Interswitch, the powerhouse in Nigerian payments and a Visa-backed entity, has announced a merger with M-Kudi, a prominent player in the mobile money services sector.

Digging Deeper: Unlocking New Avenues

Pending regulatory approval, this merger isn’t just about combining forces; it’s a crucial step for Interswitch to secure a coveted Payment Service Bank (PSB) license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This license is the golden key that could unlock new avenues in the financial realm.


Why This Matters: Transforming Financial Services

If the stars align with regulatory blessings, Interswitch will gain the capability to establish accounts and manage customer deposits. But the strategic dance doesn’t end there. Interswitch’s recent acquisition of a mobile virtual telecommunications license underscores its multifaceted approach to transforming financial services in Nigeria.

Zoom Out: CBN’s Vision for Financial Inclusion

The Central Bank of Nigeria laid down the foundation for this transformation in 2018 by introducing regulations for payment service banks. The primary goal? To supercharge financial inclusion, especially in rural areas. The regulations mandate that these banks dedicate 25% of their physical operations to underserved regions, where traditional banking often struggles to reach.


Restrictions: Navigating the Financial Terrain

While the PSB license opens doors, it also comes with some rules of engagement. Mobile money operators, including Interswitch post-merger, face restrictions. Engaging in certain lucrative aspects of traditional banking, like directly issuing loans or participating in foreign exchange transactions, remains off-limits. However, an exception allows them to play a pivotal role in the crucial domain of receiving remittances.

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Why It Matters to You: A Financial Revolution in Progress

For consumers, businesses, and the unbanked population, this strategic move isn’t just a business deal. It’s a potential catalyst for a financial revolution. If Interswitch successfully navigates regulatory waters, we could witness a redefined financial landscape in Nigeria, with increased accessibility and innovative services taking center stage.

Stay tuned as Interswitch and M-Kudi join forces to pave the way for a new era in Nigerian finance.

Source: Industry Insights