Nigeria Stock Exchange Recap – January 2024: The Stars, The Laggards, and Your Next Move

As the echoes of January 2024 fade, the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) stands testament to a month of dynamic financial shifts. Let’s dissect the performances and identify the stars and laggards, guiding you on your next strategic move.

Top Performers:

  1. ACCESSCORP – Access Holdings Plc
  • Volume: 25,876,163
  • Price: ₦27.40
  • Change: +2.45
  1. DANGSUGAR – Dangote Sugar Refinery
  • Volume: 1,279,706
  • Price: ₦82.10
  • Change: +7.45
  1. FCMB – FCMB Group Plc
  • Volume: 22,036,625
  • Price: ₦10.70
  • Change: +0.90
  1. FIDELITYBK – Fidelity Bank Plc
  • Volume: 13,494,180
  • Price: ₦12.85
  • Change: +1.15
  1. GUARANTY – Guaranty Trust Holding
  • Volume: 40,402,728
  • Price: ₦41.85
  • Change: +1.15


  1. CUTIX – Cutix Plc
  • Volume: 1,829,729
  • Price: ₦2.50
  • Change: -0.20
  1. FTNCOCOA – FTN Cocoa Processors
  • Volume: 1,993,690
  • Price: ₦1.96
  • Change: -0.01
  1. LASACO – Lasaco Assurance
  • Volume: 639,575
  • Price: ₦2.43
  • Change: -0.26
  1. LINKASSURE – Linkage Assurance
  • Volume: 226,853
  • Price: ₦1.15
  • Change: -0.02
  1. CUSTODIAN – Custodian & Allied Plc
  • Volume: 542,413
  • Price: ₦9.90
  • Change: +0.40


  • For the Bulls: Consider reinforcing your positions in star performers like ACCESSCORP and DANGSUGAR, capitalizing on their upward trajectories.
  • For the Bears: Prudent monitoring of underperformers like CUTIX and LASACO is advised. A strategic exit or a patient hold could be considered based on individual risk appetite.
ABBEYBDSAbbey Mortgage Bank Plc1,6522.99+0.00
ABCTRANSAssociated Bus Company27,6040.88+0.00
ACADEMYAcademy Press463,2811.93+0.00
ACCESSCORPAccess Holdings Plc25,876,16327.40+2.45
AFRINSUREAfrican Alliance Insurance0.20
AFRIPRUDAfrica Prudential Plc2,821,5928.00+0.20
AFROMEDIAAfromedia Plc0.24
AIICOAiico Insurance Plc7,589,7821.25+0.11
AIRTELAFRIAirtel Africa Plc30,6072,000.00+0.00
ALEXAluminium Extrusion Industries7.15
ARBICOArbico Plc1.03
ASOSAVINGSAso Savings & Loans0.50
AUSTINLAZAustin Laz & Company502.03+0.00
BAPLCBriclinks Africa Plc6.25
BERGERBerger Paints57,43617.35+0.00
BETAGLASBeta Glass Company46,20159.40+0.00
BUACEMENTBUA Cement Plc157,203185.00+0.00
BUAFOODSBUA Foods13,433285.00+0.00
CADBURYCadbury Nigeria727,70820.00+1.80
CAPCAP Plc495,60124.00+0.00
CAPOILCapital Oil Plc0.20
CAVERTONCaverton Offshore Support Group2,014,3172.05+0.18
CHAMPIONChampion Breweries593,2903.79+0.31
CHAMSChams Plc7,592,4292.89+0.25
CHELLARAMChellarams Plc8004.10+0.00
CILEASINGC&I Leasing Plc2,345,5504.15+0.15
CONHALLPLCConsolidated Hallmark Holdings3,186,1141.57+0.13
CONOILConoil Plc174,768101.00+0.00
CORNERSTCornerstone Insurance Company1,950,6251.90+0.17
CUSTODIANCustodian & Allied Plc542,4139.90+0.40
CUTIXCutix Plc1,829,7292.50-0.20
CWGComputer Warehouse Group3,645,6466.85+0.00
DAARCOMMDaar Communications885,9090.71+0.01
DANGCEMDangote Cement8,589763.00+0.00
DANGSUGARDangote Sugar Refinery1,279,70682.10+7.45
DEAPCAPDeap Capital Management & Trust1,268,4450.80+0.07
DUNLOPDN Tyre & Rubber Plc0.20
EKOCORPEkocorp Plc5.79
ELLAHLAKESEllah Lakes Plc1,485,1713.46+0.31
ENAMELWANigerian Enamelware Plc19.30
ETERNAEterna Plc2,914,14222.10+0.05
ETIEcobank Transnational Inc103,55726.60+0.00
ETRANZACTE-Tranzact International224,9386.60+0.10
EUNISELLEunisell Interlinked Plc4,0003.20+0.00
FBNHFBN Holdings Plc337,880,28326.20+2.35
FCMBFCMB Group Plc22,036,62510.70+0.90
FIDELITYBKFidelity Bank Plc13,494,18012.85+1.15
FIDSONFidson Healthcare124,84917.55+0.00
FLOURMILLFlour Mills Nigeria1,076,92340.00+1.00
FTNCOCOAFTN Cocoa Processors1,993,6901.96-0.01
GEREGUGeregu Power Plc155,700568.00+0.00
GLAXOSMITHGlaxo Smithkline Consumer17.00
GOLDBREWGolden Guinea Breweries5,1353.15+0.00
GOLDINSUREGoldlink Insurance0.20
GTCOGuaranty Trust Holding40,402,72841.85+1.15
GUINEAINSGuinea Insurance725,2000.58+0.05
GUINNESSGuinness Nigeria80,51563.70+0.00
HONYFLOURHoneywell Flour Mill2,136,6204.31+0.11
IKEJAHOTELIkeja Hotel Plc175,3007.50+0.65
IMGIndustrial & Medical Gases12014.40+0.00
INFINITYInfinity Trust Mortgage Bank1,0507.98+0.00
INTBREWInternational Breweries363,2245.70+0.50
INTENEGINSInternational Energy Insurance1.39
JAIZBANKJaiz Bank Plc7,993,7902.81-0.01
JAPAULGOLDJapaul Gold and Ventures Plc11,162,2263.06+0.18
JBERGERJulius Berger Nigeria Plc291,31157.95+0.00
JOHNHOLTJohn Holt Plc2.70
JULIJuli Plc175,0500.70+0.06
LASACOLasaco Assurance639,5752.43-0.26
LEARNAFRCALearn Africa2,8503.50+0.00
LINKASSURELinkage Assurance226,8531.15-0.02
LIVESTOCKLivestock Feeds44,5001.93+0.00
LIVINGTRUSTLivingTrust Mortgage Bank3.27
MANSARDAXA Mansard Insurance1,446,4526.05+0.05
MAYBAKERMay & Baker Nigeria437,0586.30+0.50
MBENEFITMutual Benefits Assurance1,767,6910.74+0.06
MCNICHOLSMcNichols Plc21,6661.44+0.00
MECUREMeCure Industries20,37010.80+0.00
MEDVIEWAIRMedview Airline Plc1.62
MEYERMeyer Plc958,0344.30+0.39
MORISONMorison Industries7493.38+0.00
MRSMRS Oil Nigeria116126.00+0.00
MTNNMTN Nigeria397,358290.00+15.00
MULTITREXMulti-Trex Integrated Foods0.36
MULTIVERSEMultiverse Mining & Exploration11,11217.00+0.00
NAHCONigerian Aviation Handling Co.513,32031.55+0.00
NASCONNational Salt Company1,038,66067.75+0.00
NBNigerian Breweries124,77137.00+0.00
NCRNCR Nigeria3.96
NEIMETHNeimeth International Pharma324,5641.90+0.00
NEMN.E.M. Insurance Company150,8378.20+0.00
NESFNigeria Energy Sector Fund552.20
NESTLENestle Nigeria1,887,0781,100.00+10.00
NGXGROUPNigerian Exchange Group27,29424.00+0.00
NIDFNigeria Infrastructure Debt Fund17,360114.00+0.00
NIGERINSNiger Insurance Company0.20
NNFMNorthern Nigeria Flour Mills5,54253.65+0.00
NOTORENotore Chemical Industries Plc62.50
NPFMCRFBKNPF Microfinance Bank2,882,8522.14+0.18
NSLTECHSecure Electronic Technology64,1150.67+0.00

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January’s market dynamics have set the stage for diverse opportunities. As the market pendulum swings, may your investments be astute and your financial journey prosperous. Cheers to a strategic February in the realm of Nigerian stocks.

With each ticker narrating its own financial tale, investors navigated the market’s ebb and flow. The question now lingering in the air: What does February hold for the Nigerian stock market? As we bid farewell to January’s market symphony, the curtains rise on a new act in the financial theater. May your portfolios flourish and your investments thrive in the unfolding chapters of the stock market saga. Until then, happy investing!