Yellow Card and Coinbase: Paving the Way for Digital Finance in Africa

Yellow Card and Coinbase have joined forces to revolutionize access to digital currency and assets in Africa, marking a significant step toward financial inclusion on the continent. The collaboration involves the integration of the Yellow Card Widget into Coinbase Wallet, facilitating access to Yellow Card’s extensive payment network spanning 20 African countries.

Key highlights of this transformative partnership include:

1. Enhanced Access through Yellow Card Widget

  • Expanded Network: Coinbase Wallet users can seamlessly tap into Yellow Card’s network, simplifying the acquisition and use of digital assets.

2. Strengthening Local Currency Transactions

  • Payments API: Yellow Card’s existing Payments API, designed to facilitate local currency transactions, is bolstered through this collaboration. This enhancement supports businesses in providing diverse and accessible payment options to their African customers.

3. Empowering with USDC Transactions

  • USD Coin (USDC): Yellow Card customers now have the capability to transfer and receive USD Coin (USDC), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. This functionality is made possible through integration with Coinbase’s Base chain.

4. Bridging Regional Expertise and Global Infrastructure

  • Strategic Partnership: The collaboration capitalizes on Yellow Card’s regional expertise and Coinbase’s global brand and infrastructure. This synergy aims to empower the next billion people across Africa, fostering participation in the future of finance.

5. CEO Perspective: Chris Maurice

  • Empowering the Masses: Chris Maurice, co-founder and CEO of Yellow Card, expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential to empower millions across Africa to engage in the evolving landscape of financial services.


As Africa continues to embrace the digital revolution, the Yellow Card and Coinbase partnership emerges as a catalyst for widespread financial inclusion. By merging regional know-how with global capabilities, the collaboration paves the way for a future where individuals across the continent can actively participate in the digital economy, fostering economic growth, innovation, and financial resilience.