Talus Pay Bolsters Fintech Arsenal with Jobox.ai and Clarus Merchant Services Acquisition

In a strategic move to fortify its position in the fintech sector, Talus Pay has successfully acquired Jobox.ai and Clarus Merchant Services. This acquisition not only marks a significant expansion for Talus Pay but also opens avenues for accelerated development in the highly competitive U.S. market.

Strengthening Fintech Presence

With the incorporation of Jobox.ai and Clarus Merchant Services, Talus Pay now boasts the processing of over USD 9 billion in annual payments volume, serving more than 22,000 merchants and traders across the U.S. region. The company’s primary focus remains on driving growth in home and facility solutions verticals. Additionally, Talus Pay aims to scale the innovative Jobox technology to cater to various core industry verticals, including auto repair, beauty, non-profit, hospitality, service retail, and more.


Strategic Benefits of Acquisition

The acquisition strategically aligns with Talus Pay’s objective of enhancing its suite of solutions to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in today’s dynamic market. By integrating Jobox and Clarus Merchant Services, Talus Pay gains access to proprietary software and expertise, particularly in business-to-business (B2B) industry verticals.

Jobox: A Mobile Application Powerhouse

Jobox, a valuable addition to Talus Pay’s portfolio, provides a singular mobile application that efficiently manages various processes such as job matching, scheduling, payments, client communications, and inventory. The modular, open-source architecture of Jobox positions it as a scalable solution that can be extended across multiple industry verticals beyond home services. Talus Pay intends to leverage Jobox to enhance its market share in the home services sector and explore new market verticals through direct and reseller channels, including ISV partners.


Clarus Merchant Services’ Expertise

Clarus Merchant Services brings deep expertise in B2B verticals, catering to credit unions, building materials distribution companies, and wholesale distribution groups. Talus Pay will benefit from enhanced customer care services, robust cardholder security and privacy measures, and competitive pricing, further solidifying its position in the competitive fintech landscape.

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Future Growth and Development

As Talus Pay charts a course for the future, this strategic acquisition positions the company for sustained growth and innovation. The undisclosed financial terms underscore the strategic importance of the move, showcasing Talus Pay’s commitment to providing cutting-edge fintech solutions for businesses across diverse industries.