Showmax Ready to Release Game-Changing Plans: A Closer Look at the Entertainment Revolution


MultiChoice has pulled back the curtain on the revamped Showmax platform, set to dazzle audiences from February 2024 onward. This grand unveiling brings forth the retirement of the standard and Pro subscriptions, making way for the all-new Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and Showmax Premier League plans.

Showmax Entertainment and Entertainment Mobile: A Duel of Devices

The Showmax Entertainment and Entertainment Mobile plans promise a delightful array of content, with subtle differences catering to the nuances of your preferred streaming experience. The divergence lies in the type of device compatibility, concurrent stream allowances, video quality, and, of course, the anticipated price tag.


Showmax Entertainment Mobile: Streaming on the Move

As the name implies, Showmax Entertainment Mobile is your companion on the move, exclusively accessible on mobile devices. This plan graciously offers a single concurrent stream per subscription and gracefully limits video resolution to standard definition. It’s the go-to choice for those who prefer to carry their entertainment in their pocket.

Showmax Entertainment: Unleashing the Streaming Spectrum

Contrastingly, Showmax Entertainment extends its reach beyond mobile devices, welcoming smart TVs, laptops, and media streaming devices into its streaming embrace. This plan caters to the versatile viewer, allowing a seamless transition between different screens. The world of entertainment at your fingertips, or rather, your remote control.


Limitations and Premier League Prowess

Both Entertainment plans share a common limitation—they don’t provide access to all Premier League live matches and the extra content accompanying the competition. Here’s where the spotlight shifts to the Showmax Premier League plan.

Showmax Premier League: A Football Fanatic’s Dream

For the ardent football enthusiasts, the Showmax Premier League plan steps onto the stage, offering exclusive live coverage of all Premier League matches and the additional content that fans crave. However, there’s a catch—this plan is mobile-only, designed to thrive on handheld devices and won’t dance onto the screens of smart TVs, laptops, or media streaming devices.

Resolution and Streaming Synchrony

The Premier League subscription plays it cool with a maximum resolution capped at standard definition and permits only one concurrent stream. It’s the tailored experience for the dedicated football aficionado, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action.

What They’re Saying

“Powered by SuperSport and made for mobile users, Showmax Premier League is the first standalone Premier League mobile streaming service ever to launch in Africa and will take every single match of the world’s most popular football league to every corner of sub-Saharan Africa,” exclaimed MultiChoice.

Showmax CEO, Marc Jury, chimed in with enthusiasm, stating, “We have an incredibly powerful new technology platform, a bold brand that truly represents our driving spirit, and a content slate that is unmatched. No other streaming service in Africa can offer what Showmax is bringing to the table in the new year.”

MultiChoice highlighted Showmax’s migration to the global Peacock streaming platform, emphasizing its potential for rapid scalability, especially in the realm of sports streaming.

Feature Comparison: Choosing Your Showmax Adventure

Curious minds want to know what each Showmax subscription brings to the entertainment banquet. Let’s break it down:

FeatureShowmax EntertainmentShowmax Entertainment MobileShowmax Premier League
Premier League live matches and extra contentNoNoYes
General entertainment: series, movies, kids’ shows, documentaries, etc.YesYesNo
Concurrent streams211
Mobile app supportYesYesYes
Viewing on Smart TV, Laptop, Streaming deviceYesNoNo
Maximum resolutionHDSDSD
Downloads for offline viewingYesYesYes (excluding live matches)
Data saver settingsYesYesYes

The stage is set, the options are laid out—choose your Showmax adventure and let the entertainment extravaganza begin! Whether you’re on the move, craving versatility, or living and breathing football, Showmax has tailored plans to make your streaming dreams a reality. Prepare for a new era of entertainment, where your screen is your kingdom and Showmax is your royal entertainment curator.

Source: Mybroadband

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