Kenya’s Tech Milestone: Local Smartphone Assembly Plant Unveiled

In a groundbreaking move, Kenya proudly introduced its first local smartphone assembly plant, East Africa Device Assembly Kenya Limited (EADAK), in a ceremony graced by President William Ruto.

Industry Collaboration for Affordability

EADAK, a joint venture involving local Mobile Network Operators such as Safaricom Jamii Telecommunications and Chinese firm Shenzhen TeleOne Technology, emerged as a testament to industry collaboration. The result is a promising array of smartphones available nationwide at Faiba shops, dealer stores, Safaricom shops, and the Masoko online platform, all with a competitive retail price starting from KES. 7499 ($50).


Impressive Capacity: 3 Million Units Annually

With a substantial capacity to produce up to 3 million mobile phone units annually, the EADAK assembly plant stands as a formidable player in Kenya’s tech landscape. This production capability reflects a significant leap forward in meeting the country’s increasing demand for smartphones.


Supporting Digital Inclusion

Joshua Chepkwony, Chairman of EADAK, emphasized the assembly plant’s pivotal role in supporting the government’s digital inclusion agenda. Through a collaborative approach, industry partnerships, and favorable government policies, the venture aims to make smartphones more accessible and affordable for the broader population.

Safaricom’s Commitment to Connectivity

Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom, spoke at the event, underlining the telco’s commitment to utilizing connectivity for societal transformation and economic progress. The partnership with EADAK aligns with Safaricom’s goals of expanding 4G access, providing affordable, high-quality smartphones, generating employment opportunities, and contributing to overall economic growth.

Diverse Product Range on the Horizon

The launch showcased the Neon 5” “Smarta” and 6 ½” “Ultra” as the flagship mobile phone devices, both 4G-enabled. Looking ahead, EADAK plans to diversify its product range in the coming months, introducing additional devices, including a locally assembled tablet. This strategic move responds to the dynamic needs of the Kenyan market, further solidifying the country’s position in the global tech landscape.

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