Ghana’s Injaro Investment Advisors Injects $2M into Zeepay’s Expansion

In a significant move, Injaro Investment Advisors, a Ghanaian private capital fund manager, has just dropped a cool $2 million in Zeepay Ghana’s Series A.5 funding round. Why is this a big deal? Let’s break it down.

The Lowdown on Zeepay

Since kicking off in 2014, Zeepay has been all about making cross-border payments a breeze, channeling funds straight into mobile money wallets across Africa and the Caribbean.


Why You Should Care

This fat injection of equity is like turbocharging Zeepay’s engine. It’s the green light for them to spread their wings across multiple countries and dominate these new markets like fintech royalty.

The Talk of the Town

Jerry Parkes, the big boss at Injaro Investment Advisors, couldn’t be more thrilled. He’s hyped to team up with Andrew Takyi-Appiah, the brains behind Zeepay. Parkes sees this collaboration as a step towards crafting a Ghanaian multinational success story in the fintech arena.


In Their Own Words

Jerry Parkes said, “The Injaro team is honored to partner with the Zeepay team… We believe that this investment represents an important first step in building linkages between Ghana’s pension funds and exceptional local businesses which are important drivers of Ghana’s economic growth.”

And Andrew Takyi Appiah, the CEO of Zeepay Ghana, chimed in with, “We are delighted to have a Ghanaian local Private Equity investor come on board. This is a testament of the strength of the brand, especially in the current economic climate.”

The Finale

This move isn’t just about business; it’s a statement. Zeepay and Injaro are showing the world that Ghana believes in its own. Plus, Injaro’s local investment means the profits are coming back to boost Ghana’s economy. It’s like a financial win-win.

So, keep your eyes peeled. Zeepay is about to make some serious waves, and it’s all thanks to Injaro throwing down the investment gauntlet.