Oracle to Establish Cloud Computing Infrastructure in Rwanda: A Digital Milestone

Oracle is set to play a pivotal role in Rwanda’s technological advancement by establishing cloud computing infrastructure in the country. According to a report by the New Times, this initiative is scheduled to commence in June 2024, marking a significant step in Rwanda’s journey towards becoming a tech-driven hub in Africa.

Partnership Announcement

The partnership between Rwanda and Oracle was unveiled by Paula Ingabire, the Minister of ICT and Innovation, during an episode of “The Long Form” podcast hosted by The New Times. Ingabire shared details of the collaboration, emphasizing Oracle’s commitment to setting up cloud computing infrastructure within the Kigali Innovation City.


Timeline and Activation

The Minister of ICT and Innovation disclosed that Oracle would commence work on the project in December, with an ambitious timeline of 18 months to build the data center. The identified space within the Kigali Innovation City is expected to be activated and operational by June 2024. This timeline aligns with Rwanda’s strategic goals to enhance its digital infrastructure and attract more businesses to the region.

Driving Competition and Business

Ingabire highlighted the broader impact of this collaboration, stating that the establishment of Oracle’s cloud computing infrastructure would make Rwanda more appealing to businesses considering the country as a place to operate. The introduction of such technology-driven facilities is expected to drive competition, ultimately fostering a dynamic business environment.



Access for Diverse Entities

Upon completion, the cloud computing facility will serve a diverse range of entities, including start-ups, government institutions, and corporate companies. This accessibility aims to support Rwanda’s tech ambitions and contribute to overall development by providing state-of-the-art digital infrastructure.

Continued Collaboration

This initiative builds on a longstanding collaboration between Oracle and Rwanda. In 2015, the two entities signed an agreement to enhance ICT skills in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The collaboration included the establishment of learning centers, provision of software and technology resources, curriculum development, and certification resources for students across various colleges in Rwanda.


Oracle’s commitment to establishing cloud computing infrastructure in Rwanda reflects the country’s strategic vision for technological growth. This digital milestone is poised to position Rwanda as a hub for innovation and tech-driven progress in Africa, unlocking new opportunities for businesses, government institutions, and start-ups.