Lipa Later and Mastercard Join Forces to Boost Buy Now, Pay Later Solutions in African Markets

FinTech Collaboration to Offer Convenient Credit Access for Purchases

Lipa Later, a prominent Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) FinTech company, has announced a strategic partnership with Mastercard to enhance the adoption of Buy Now, Pay Later solutions across African markets. The collaboration aims to provide customers with convenient credit access, particularly for the purchase of commodities, electronics, and household items through affordable monthly installments.

Key Partnership Details

The partnership leverages Mastercard’s extensive merchant network, innovative payment mechanisms, and advanced technological infrastructure to facilitate seamless and secure credit transactions. Lipa Later will prominently feature a payment option that allows users to access credit conveniently during the purchase process. This integration of technology and financial services aims to enhance the overall customer experience, making credit more accessible and manageable.


Utilizing Mastercard’s Technological Advancements

Lipa Later plans to utilize Mastercard’s cutting-edge technology to enable a smoother payment experience with enhanced digital security. The collaboration signifies a commitment to fostering financial inclusion and expanding the availability of flexible credit solutions for consumers.

Operational Reach and Impact

Lipa Later operates primarily in Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda. The company has successfully built a substantial user base, boasting over 350,000 consumers and establishing partnerships with 35,000 merchants. The partnership with Mastercard is expected to further strengthen Lipa Later’s position in the BNPL market and contribute to the growth of digital financial services across the continent.


Strategic Outlook for Financial Inclusion

As the collaboration unfolds, Lipa Later and Mastercard aim to play a pivotal role in advancing financial inclusion by providing tailored credit solutions that cater to the diverse needs of consumers. The combination of Lipa Later’s regional expertise and Mastercard’s global technological capabilities positions the partnership to drive meaningful advancements in the FinTech landscape.


The collaboration between Lipa Later and Mastercard underscores the growing significance of Buy Now, Pay Later solutions in meeting the evolving demands of consumers. By harnessing the strengths of both entities, the partnership aims to make credit more accessible, paving the way for enhanced financial inclusion and empowering consumers in African markets.