UBA Ghana’s Retail Banking Revolution: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Simplify Customer Experience

Embracing Transformation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Ghana’s retail banking, UBA stands at the forefront, strategically embracing change to simplify banking for customers.

Commitment Amidst Challenges

Peter Dery, Head-Retail at UBA Ghana, emphasizes the unwavering commitment to simplifying banking, even in the face of global challenges like the Russia-Ukraine war and the ongoing impact of COVID-19.


Multi-Faceted Approach

Recognizing the need for resilience and adaptability, UBA Ghana adopts a multi-faceted approach, tailored to the diverse and dynamic market it serves.

Digital Focus

Acknowledging the significance of digital channels, UBA Ghana introduces user-friendly mobile apps, Internet banking, and digital payment solutions. The ‘Leo’ platform, integrating services through messaging platforms, aligns with customers’ digital preferences.


Physical Presence Expansion

Complementing the digital strategy, UBA Ghana strategically expands its physical presence with a growing branch network. This expansion aims to bring banking services closer to customers, fostering face-to-face interactions and planning future expansions.

Diverse Product Offerings

Understanding diverse financial needs, UBA Ghana introduces a wide range of retail products, from remittance services to tailored accounts for different demographics.

Recognized Excellence

UBA Ghana’s success in retail banking is validated by various awards, including being named the Best Bank in Retail by KPMG in a recent survey.

Future-Ready Innovation

With a focus on innovation, convenience, and customer satisfaction, UBA Ghana is poised to meet evolving demands and solidify its position as the preferred bank.