Tyme’s Triumph: Over 8 Million Customers and Global Aspirations

At the recent Kauffman Fellows Africa VC Summit in Nairobi, we had the chance to chat with Tjaart Van Der Walt, Director, and co-founder of Tyme, the digital banking platform that’s been making waves.

Impressive Milestone: 8 Million Customers

Excitingly, Tyme has hit a significant milestone, boasting over 8 million customers on its platform. This highlights the platform’s growing popularity and influence.


Global Expansion in the Works

Van Der Walt shared the company’s ambitious plans, stating, “We’ve partnered with a family in the Philippines, and we’ve expanded our operations to Vietnam and Singapore. Our goal is to establish a global presence in the near future.”

Tyme’s Mission in Emerging Markets

Established in South Africa in 2012, Tyme has a unique mission—to create digital banking solutions tailored for emerging markets, especially those that are often underserved.


Strategic Expansion: Considering Regulatory Landscape

When quizzed about their expansion strategy, Van Der Walt emphasized the importance of regulators’ progressive thinking in the decision-making process. This strategic approach ensures that Tyme enters countries where regulations align with their vision.

Fun Fact: A Unique Start

Van Der Walt, with a background in process engineering and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, shared a fun tidbit from his early career. He used his first paycheck to treat friends to a bush safari and saved part of it to kickstart the banking business. This unique approach has undoubtedly contributed to Tyme’s success and growing customer base.

Tyme’s journey is a testament to their innovative approach and dedication to making a meaningful impact in the world of digital banking. With a global expansion on the horizon, Tyme is undoubtedly a company to watch in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

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