AfricArena Tunisia Summit Celebrates Technological Advancements

The AfricArena Tunisia Summit, concluded in October 2023, showcased the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Tunisia, with startups from across Africa presenting innovative solutions. Led by AfricArena’s Founder and CEO, Christophe Viarnaud, the summit highlighted the significant increase in investments in Tunisia’s technology sector.

Recognition for Innovative Concepts

During the awards ceremony, champions in various pitch categories were revealed, earning acknowledgement and support for their groundbreaking ideas. These winners secured a spot in the ultimate competition at the AfricArena Cape Town Grand Summit scheduled for December 5th & 6th, 2023.


Selected Champions per Pitch Category

Best AI Startup: NextAV, Tunisia

  • NextAV specializes in AI-driven remote sensing using satellite imagery, providing crucial information about extensive assets.

Best DeepTech Startup: Kumulus Water, Tunisia

  • Kumulus Water has developed a machine extracting drinkable water from sun and air, producing 20 to 30 liters daily without electricity or external water sources.

Best EdTech Startup: Gamer’s Territory, South Africa

  • Gamer’s Territory uses gaming and virtual reality to bridge societal divides, and Sgela introduces an interactive educational game aligned with the national curriculum.

Best HealthTech Start-up: Viventis, Tunisia

  • Viventis designs and produces homecare products for chronic illnesses, addressing elevated costs associated with medical devices.

Best Women in Tech AI Startup: Blassa

  • Blassa streamlines retail checkout with a one-click address collection feature, saving users time.

Best Seed Startup: Konnect, Tunisia

  • Konnect, a pioneer in online payment solutions, offers businesses seamless and secure transaction processes.

Most Innovative Business Model: Hyo-Tech, Tunisia

  • Hyo-Tech focuses on the generation, conversion, and storage of renewable energies, producing expandable energy storage systems centered on green hydrogen and oxygen.

Most Promising Entrepreneur: Deaf Square

  • Deaf Square empowers the deaf community through an international career advancement program, providing customized learning opportunities.

Most Attractive Investor: Hamed Masri from Silicon Badia

  • Silicon Badia, founded in 2012, has invested in over 100 technology startups worldwide, accumulating a total value of more than $30 billion across 15 technology sectors.

AfricArena’s Methodology and Overall Winner

AfricArena’s methodology involved events and boot camps across Africa, selecting impressive startups. The overall winner of the 2023 AfricArena tour, to be announced at the South African event, will receive a $25,000 cash reward.