Bolt Revs Up Driver Engagement with New Centre in Johannesburg

Bolt, the on-demand mobility platform in Africa, has accelerated its commitment to driver welfare with the launch of a driver engagement centre in Randburg, Johannesburg. This strategic move aims to bolster driver relations, providing a dedicated space for addressing concerns, fostering communication, and elevating overall driver experience.

Key Features and Benefits of the Driver Engagement Centre

The newly established centre operates on an appointment basis, ensuring a structured approach to managing driver issues. Among the key benefits are:

  1. Enhanced Driver Support: The centre signifies a significant investment in improving driver assistance, ensuring drivers have access to the support they need.
  2. Effective Communication Channels: It establishes clear and efficient communication channels, facilitating better engagement between the platform and its drivers.
  3. Training Opportunities: The centre serves as a hub for ongoing training opportunities, contributing to the skill development and growth of drivers.
  4. Community Building: With a focus on community, the centre fosters a sense of belonging among drivers, creating a supportive network.
  5. Issue Resolution: It acts as a dedicated space for addressing and resolving various issues faced by drivers during their engagement with Bolt.
  6. Driver Appreciation and Branding: The centre plays a role in appreciating drivers for their contributions, contributing to positive branding and loyalty.
  7. Lost and Found Centre: In an innovative addition, the centre also functions as a Lost and Found hub, allowing passengers to retrieve items left behind in Bolt vehicles.

Strategic Investment and Future Commitments

Takura Malaba, Regional Manager for East and Southern Africa, emphasizes that this initiative aligns with Bolt’s commitment to invest €500 million in its operations over the next two years. The goal is to expand services and enhance support across the African continent. Acknowledging drivers as a cornerstone of the business, Bolt aims to empower them for success and earnings growth.

As part of this commitment, Bolt is actively recruiting a Community Specialist in South Africa to coordinate and execute driver engagement programs in collaboration with local operations teams.


Comprehensive Driver Benefits Program

Earlier collaborations, such as the partnership with the Automobile Association (AA), have fortified driver benefits. These include emergency response services, trauma counseling, insurance coverage, and telehealth consultations. The driver engagement centre represents a tangible step towards realizing Bolt’s vision of driver success and well-being.

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