Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategies: Shifting Focus from Bitcoin to Equities

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett once famously likened Bitcoin to a “rat poised squared” during a shareholder meeting in April 2022, when Bitcoin was trading around $40,000. Fast forward to today, and the cryptocurrency has seen a significant dip, now trading at approximately $27,000. Meanwhile, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Class A stock has not only weathered the crypto storm but has recently reached an all-time high, surpassing $560,000.

Buffett’s Unwavering Stance on Bitcoin

Despite Bitcoin’s persistent popularity and fluctuations, Buffett remains steadfast in his skepticism. In a recent CNBC interview, he compared betting on Bitcoin to playing slots in Las Vegas, emphasizing his preference for more stable investments.


“I’ve seen people do stupid things all my life. We’ve had an explosion of gambling, essentially. And I like to bet on a football game — if I’m sitting and watching, it makes it more interesting. But I don’t think I want to make a living trying to bet against the house.”

Buffett’s Preferred Asset Class: Equities

In contrast to the crypto market, Buffett has maintained his focus on equities, emphasizing three stocks that have outperformed Bitcoin over the past year.

  1. Lennar Corp.: Buffett has shown a keen interest in American homebuilders, particularly Lennar Corporation (LEN). With a shortage of homes across America and a substantial gap between households formed and homes constructed, Buffett’s investment in Lennar seems to align with the potential for a surge in demand for homebuilding.
  2. Diageo (DEO): Buffett added a stake in British alcoholic beverage giant Diageo in the first quarter of this year. This move reflects Buffett’s historical interest in ‘sin stocks’ and suggests that he sees value in Diageo, which currently trades at over 19 times earnings per share and offers a 2.6% dividend yield.
  3. Occidental Petroleum (OXY): Buffett’s bullish outlook on energy is evident in his stake in Occidental Petroleum Corp, where he now controls over 25% of the company’s outstanding shares. With the recent rebound in crude oil prices, Buffett’s bet on energy giants forms a significant part of his portfolio.


Warren Buffett’s strategic shift from Bitcoin to equities, particularly in American homebuilding, alcoholic beverages, and energy, indicates a continued adherence to his long-standing investment principles. As Bitcoin experiences volatility, Buffett’s focus on stable and value-driven investments remains unchanged, offering valuable insights for retail investors navigating the dynamic financial landscape.