Paystack Unveils Virtual Terminals to Revolutionize In-Person Payments in Nigeria

In a strategic move to further bolster its position in Nigeria’s thriving fintech landscape, Paystack has introduced virtual terminals as a groundbreaking solution for merchants. This innovative product empowers businesses to seamlessly accept payments through bank transfers, eliminating the constraints associated with traditional point-of-sale (POS) devices.

Details of the Virtual Terminals

Paystack’s virtual terminals emerge as a digital alternative to physical POS devices, addressing the limitations posed by their restricted circulation. Designed to mitigate transaction delays, the virtual terminals are poised to redefine the landscape of in-person payments.

  1. Reducing Wait Times:
    The primary objective of the virtual terminals is to diminish wait times for payment confirmation, enhancing the overall efficiency of transactions. This move aligns with Paystack’s commitment to providing a swift and dignified customer experience.
  2. Versatility in Payment Options:
    The terminals offer a versatile array of payment options, supporting bank transfers, QR code payments, foreign bank cards, and even Apple Pay. This inclusivity ensures that businesses can cater to a diverse customer base, adapting to various preferences and methods of payment.
  3. Empowering Sales Agents:
    Business owners can now assign virtual accounts to sales agents, granting them the authority to monitor and verify transactions independently. This eliminates the need for managerial approval or direct access to the business’s bank accounts, streamlining the payment verification process.

CEO Perspective

Shola Akinlade, CEO of Paystack, expressed the rationale behind this move, stating, “Bank transfers are fast becoming the go-to payment method for a growing number of consumers in Nigeria. With Virtual Terminal, we’re making it effortless for businesses to accept in-person bank transfers quickly, while providing a dignified customer experience.”

Strategic Expansion Beyond Web-Only Payments

This introduction of virtual terminals marks a strategic expansion of Paystack’s services, transcending the realm of web-only payment collection. Since its establishment in 2015, Paystack has been at the forefront of Nigeria’s dynamic payments market, witnessing substantial growth alongside other fintech players offering digital fund collection and settlement services.


The Significance of Offline Payments

Offline payments, particularly through POS transactions, have emerged as a pivotal segment driving the surge of electronic payments in Nigeria. Accounting for approximately a fifth of the volume, this shift towards in-person digital payments signifies a broader trend in the evolving landscape of financial transactions in the country.

By the Numbers

Bank transfer payments have witnessed remarkable adoption, constituting 12% of Paystack transactions in 2021. This figure surged to 28% in 2022 and has continued to escalate in 2023, now representing a substantial 34% of all Paystack payments in Nigeria.

In essence, Paystack’s introduction of virtual terminals not only addresses current industry challenges but also anticipates and accommodates the evolving preferences of Nigerian consumers, positioning itself as a key player in shaping the future of fintech in the region.

Source: Techlabari