Nigerian Stock Exchange Hits 15-Year High with a 29.52% Surge in Q3 2023

In a resounding victory for the Nigerian economy, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) All-Share Index experienced an impressive ascent, surging by 29.52% to culminate at 66,382.14 index points in the third quarter of 2023. This remarkable surge catapulted the market to a 15-year high, riding on the coattails of robust positive sentiments.

Factors Fueling the Rally

Despite grappling with concerns such as escalating inflation, interest rate hikes, and apprehensions surrounding the aftermath of the 2023 general elections, the investor confidence stood unshaken, resulting in heightened buying activities.


Several factors contributed to this buoyant sentiment:

  • Political Transition Stability: The peaceful transition of power following the 2023 elections provided a solid foundation for investor optimism.
  • Government Policies: The strategic policies introduced by President Bola Tinubu’s administration, including the removal of fuel subsidies, streamlining of exchange rates, and the decision to float the naira, were viewed favorably by the investment community.
  • Market-Friendly Moves: Changes in Nigeria’s foreign exchange operational framework prompted positive responses from investors. Additionally, President Bola Tinubu’s suspension of Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele, who had implemented restrictive policies, was perceived positively.

Market Performance Highlights

  • The All-Share Index, measuring the performance of Nigerian stocks, exhibited a commendable journey. Starting at 51,251.06 index points in January 2023, it concluded the third quarter at 66,382.14 points, marking a gain of 29.52%.
  • The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), reflecting the dynamism of the market, opened the trading year with a market capitalization of N27.915 trillion. As the third quarter concluded, this figure soared to N36,331 trillion, translating to a noteworthy year-to-date gain of about N8.416 trillion.
  • The NGX stood out as one of Africa’s best-performing exchanges during the 3-month duration, securing the second spot with a 19.33% surge, as per African Markets.

Fundamental Shifts:

According to industry experts, a significant demographic shift has occurred in the NGX over the past few years. Local institutions and retail investors now outnumber foreign portfolio investors, reducing volatility in stock prices. The expectation that policies will attract foreign investment has been a primary trigger for the stock market rally.


Emergence of President Bola Tinubu

The stabilization brought by President Bola Tinubu’s election was a pivotal factor in the market’s upward trajectory. Market-friendly policies, such as exchange rate harmonization and the floating of the naira, further fueled the rally. The removal of fuel subsidies enhanced the country’s attractiveness to both foreign and local high-net-worth investors.

Looking Forward

As the market anticipates the final quarter of the year, analysts recommend a vigilant approach. The expectations hinge on transformational reforms and policies that will sustain the performance. The new government’s commitment to economic reforms, coupled with strategic policy pronouncements, is anticipated to guide the market’s direction.

While a bearish sentiment is projected to persist in the coming week, investors are advised to navigate the market landscape with a focus on sound fundamentals, taking advantage of any pullbacks for strategic positioning. As the reporting season looms, the investors’ quest for alpha is expected to drive portfolio rebalancing, emphasizing fundamentally sound companies and defensive stocks.

Source: nairametrics