Ugandan Agritech Startup Emata Secures $2.4 Million in Seed Funding to Revolutionize Farming Finance

Ugandan agritech company Emata is making waves in the world of farming with its innovative approach to financing. The startup has successfully raised $2.4 million in seed funding, consisting of $800,000 in equity and $1.6 million in on-lending capital.

Investors Backing the Agricultural Revolution

This fundraising round saw support from various influential investors, including:

  • African Renaissance Partners: A venture capital firm that invests in East African and Horn of Africa entrepreneurs.
  • Norrsken Accelerator: An investment arm of Europe’s largest impact tech ecosystem.
  • Zephyr Acorn: An investor in early-stage technology businesses in East Africa.
  • Marcus Boström: A renowned Swedish angel investor.
  • Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation: A global venture philanthropy firm.

Emata’s Game-Changing Approach

Founded in 2020, Emata is changing the game in agricultural finance by leveraging technology and collaborating with agricultural cooperatives. Instead of relying on collateral, Emata uses alternative credit scores based on data points like a farmer’s delivery history. This approach allows them to provide farmers with affordable, digital financing.

Expanding Access to Agricultural Finance

Emata plans to use its latest investment to expand its agri-loan offerings across East Africa, with a focus on Uganda and likely expansion into Tanzania. Their primary markets include dairy and coffee, but they also operate in oilseeds and maize, with potential expansion into potatoes.


Addressing East Africa’s Agricultural Financing Gap

The need for agricultural finance in Sub-Saharan Africa is estimated at a staggering $240 billion. Emata’s innovative approach addresses the region’s lack of agricultural financing by offering automated loans to farmers. These loans are not only more affordable, with rates five times lower than informal loans, but they also eliminate the need for collateral.

A Digital Solution for Farmers

Emata has digitized the entire lending process and is deeply integrated into the agricultural value chain through partnerships with cooperatives and farmer-based organizations. These partnerships de-risk their business model by providing access to a direct source of repayment, as loan repayments are deducted by Emata’s partners.

Transforming Lives and Farming

In 2022, Emata experienced remarkable growth, expanding sevenfold year-on-year. They currently collaborate with 50 agricultural partners, reaching over 40,000 individual farmers, and have disbursed $1 million in loans. By providing instant lending and data-based decisions, Emata empowers farmers to increase productivity, income, and food production, ultimately transforming lives and agriculture across East Africa.

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A Vision for a Thriving Agriculture Sector

Bram van den Bosch, Founder & CEO of Emata, expressed excitement about the funding, highlighting Emata’s role in making agricultural finance accessible for East African farmers. He emphasized that their solution simplifies a lifelong struggle into a five-minute process, already benefiting thousands of farmers in the region.

With this significant injection of capital, Emata is poised to further revolutionize East Africa’s agriculture sector, offering a brighter future for farmers and food production across the continent.