Ghana’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Sets Sights on Lithium Investment

In a strategic move to tap into the growing demand for lithium, Ghana’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, known as the Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF), has announced a substantial investment of nearly $33 million in a local lithium mining project. The investment not only includes a minority stake in the project developer, Atlantic Lithium, but also secures access to the valuable lithium resources.

Securing a Stake in Lithium Mining

MIIF has taken a significant step by acquiring a 6% stake in Atlantic Lithium’s mining ventures, encompassing projects like Ewoyaa. This initiative marks a pivotal moment for Ghana as Ewoyaa is poised to become the nation’s first lithium-producing mine. The investment amounts to approximately $27.9 million, demonstrating MIIF’s commitment to advancing Ghana’s position in the lithium market.


In addition to the stake in Atlantic Lithium’s projects, MIIF has also acquired a 3.05% stake directly in Atlantic Lithium for $5 million. This multi-faceted investment strategy positions MIIF to actively participate in the competitive process of securing the lithium produced from the Ewoyaa project.

Lithium’s Crucial Role in the Clean Energy Transition

The decision to invest in lithium mining underscores the global trend of heightened interest in electric vehicle (EV) battery metals, with lithium playing a central role. As the world transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, lithium has become a critical component in the manufacturing of EV batteries.


One notable example of this surge in interest is Piedmont Lithium’s strategic move in 2021 when it acquired a 9% stake in Atlantic Lithium. This investment aimed to secure a supply contract with electric vehicle giant Tesla, further highlighting the importance of securing a stable supply of lithium ore.

A Bright Future for Lithium in Ghana

Ghana’s foray into lithium mining through MIIF’s investments is a significant milestone in the nation’s economic diversification efforts. The global shift towards electric vehicles and sustainable energy sources positions lithium as a valuable resource with tremendous growth potential.

As lithium continues to be a sought-after commodity in the clean energy transition, Ghana’s venture into lithium mining is poised to bring about positive economic and environmental impacts. The country’s commitment to clean energy aligns with broader global goals, and this strategic investment is expected to contribute to Ghana’s economic development and sustainability efforts.

Neil Herbert, Chairman of Atlantic Lithium, commented on the competitive landscape: “There is an open field of chemical converters, OEMs, and major trading groups.” This statement underscores the growing demand for lithium and the diverse array of industries looking to secure a supply of this essential resource.

Source: Reuters