Ericsson Foresees 5G Boosting Nigeria’s Tech Startup Ecosystem

Technology vendor Ericsson is optimistic that the deployment of 5G technology will have a transformative impact on Nigeria’s tech startup ecosystem, fostering increased innovation and digital growth. This sentiment was shared by Hassam Kandeel, Vice President at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, during Ericsson’s leadership visit to Nigeria. The company aims to strengthen its collaboration with industry leaders in Nigeria to accelerate the country’s digital progress.

Empowering Innovation Through 5G

Kandeel emphasized the vast potential that 5G brings to Nigeria, a nation that has emerged as a significant hub for tech startups in Africa. The deployment of 5G technology is expected to create numerous possibilities for startups to innovate and develop groundbreaking solutions.


The Ericsson leadership’s visit to Nigeria aligns with the company’s dedication to leveraging connectivity and technology to drive digitalization across the continent and support sustainable development and economic advancement.

Nurturing Partnerships and Supporting Digitalization

Ericsson’s commitment to Nigeria’s digital growth was reiterated by Kandeel, highlighting the company’s history with the country and its role in driving digital transformation. He mentioned how Ericsson is contributing to Nigeria’s digital journey by providing innovative technologies such as 5G, promoting financial inclusion through the Ericsson Wallet Platform, and empowering young talents through programs like the Ericsson Graduate Program and the Ericsson Innovation Awards.


Nigeria’s participation in the Ericsson Innovation Awards was also underscored, with a Nigerian startup, Team Schrodinger Energy, securing third place in the EIA 2022 competition.

Local Impact and Collaboration

Peter Ogundele, the Country Manager of Ericsson Nigeria, noted the pivotal role that Ericsson has played in Nigeria’s digital journey and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to collaborating with partners to achieve significant milestones. Ogundele highlighted the telecom sector’s steady contribution to Nigeria’s GDP and the growth of mobile money adoption, thanks to the robust telecom infrastructure in the country.

During the visit, Ericsson engaged with Nigeria’s communication service providers, stakeholders, and policymakers, emphasizing the crucial role of connectivity in advancing the digital agenda and discussing the potential of 5G, cloud computing, and Industry 4.0 technologies. The company’s leadership also highlighted its wide array of solutions to foster innovation across sectors, meet evolving needs, and contribute to Nigeria’s digital revolution.

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