Strong Demand as Mozambique Issues Treasury Bonds

Mozambique’s recent foray into the Treasury Bonds market has yielded promising results, with demand far outpacing supply. On Tuesday, August 22, the nation offered 481 million meticais in a single issue of Treasury Bonds (OT) through the Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM). The response was overwhelming, with demand reaching three times the supply.

Successful Treasury Bonds Issue

The offering revolved around a direct subscription opportunity for Specialised Treasury Bond Operators (OEOT), with a cap of 500 million meticais. This pertained to the first reopening of the seventh series of Treasury Bonds (OT) for the year 2023, which was initially launched on August 8, and initially secured 475 million meticais.


Although the issuance fell short of the maximum permitted amount, the overall demand for the reopening stood at an impressive 1.5 billion meticais. The demand-supply ratio registered an astounding 306.20 percent. The bid range spanned from a minimum rate of 17.750 percent to a maximum of 21.500 percent.

Maturity and Interest Rate

The Treasury Bonds offered possess a five-year maturity and are set at a fixed interest rate of 17 percent. The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) issued decree 14/2023 on January 18, outlining the year’s public debt strategy. The plan includes an overall limit of 36.6 billion meticais for Treasury Bond issuance in the current year. This is to be ideally divided across two monthly issues, concluding by December 5.


Impressive Performance in the Market

So far in 2023, Mozambique has impressively raised a total of 25.4 billion meticais in OT through BVM. The legal capacity for further issuance stands at 11.2 billion meticais until the year’s end. As per data gathered by Lusa from BVM, a total of 13 issuances, including reopenings of scheduled issues, have taken place in the current year.

These issuances have varying maturities, ranging up to a decade, and interest rates between 17% and 19%. The country has nearly reached the 70% threshold of the legal debt limit per OT for the year, showcasing a proactive and successful approach to public debt management.

Positive Outlook

Mozambique’s performance in the Treasury Bonds market reflects a strong investor confidence in the country’s financial stability and economic potential. As the government continues its strategic issuance plans within the legal limits, the nation remains poised to navigate the financial landscape with resilience and optimism.