Ghana’s Tourism Ministry to Implement Automated Revenue Collection at Attractions

The Ministry of Tourism in Ghana is poised to revolutionize its revenue collection system at major tourism sites and attractions by introducing automated solutions. This strategic move, set to commence in 2024, aims to modernize payment procedures and enhance visitor experiences at key destinations while bolstering tourism revenue for the country.

Modernization Plans

The Tourism Ministry’s 2024 agenda includes implementing automated revenue collection systems at prominent tourism sites like the Dubois Centre, Osu Castle, Bonwire Kente Museum, Busia Roundabout, and Danquah Circle. Additionally, plans are underway for the construction of Heroes Park to commemorate the Big Six, as well as heritage attractions in Kyebi and Saltpond. These endeavors aim to attract more travelers and provide seamless payment options for their visits.


Departure from Manual Collection

Currently, revenue collection at various tourist attractions in Ghana relies on manual processes, lacking automation. Countries like Kenya and Tanzania have already embraced automated revenue collection systems at their tourism sites, setting a precedent for enhanced efficiency and accountability.

In Tanzania, cash payments at tourism attractions are prohibited, with transactions exclusively carried out through designated digital wallets or payment cards, generating electronic receipts.


Ambitious Revenue Targets

The Minister of Tourism, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, envisions that Ghana’s tourism revenue can thrive through similar revenue mobilization strategies seen in Kenya and Tanzania. With a target of achieving approximately $5 billion in revenue by welcoming around two million domestic and international tourists by 2025, the ministry aims to foster closer collaboration with private sector entities to attain these goals.

Confidence in the Future

Dr. Awal expressed confidence in Ghana’s tourism prospects, asserting, “We’ll soon engage key stakeholders to leverage the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) market in Africa to enable Ghana to benefit from a slice of this market. The country has all the necessary parameters – including safety and stability – to champion this and boost tourism revenue.”

Enhanced Visitor Experience and Revenue Boost

As Ghana’s tourism sector undergoes this transformation toward automated revenue collection, the nation anticipates not only an improved experience for visitors but also a significant uptick in revenue generation. With these strategic initiatives in motion, Ghana aims to carve its path toward sustainable tourism growth in the African context.