Ghana Police Service Introduces Traffictech-GH: Digital Enforcement of Road Traffic Regulations

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has taken a significant step towards enhancing road safety and enforcing road traffic regulations with the introduction of an advanced automated system named Traffictech-GH. This digital platform aims to ensure strict adherence to road traffic laws through the use of cutting-edge cameras and sensors that identify drivers who violate these regulations.

Digital Enforcement Mechanism

  • The Traffictech-GH system employs state-of-the-art cameras and sensors to detect instances of road traffic law violations.
  • Motorists found flouting traffic rules, such as running red lights, will receive notifications of their offenses via SMS.
  • In addition to being notified, offending drivers will be issued fines to be paid as penalties for their violations.

Timely Payment and Consequences

  • Upon receiving a fine notification, drivers will have a specified period within which to make the necessary payment for their offenses.
  • Should the stipulated payment period expire without payment, an arrest warrant will be issued for the offending driver.

Key Objectives and Impact

COP Francis Ebenezer Doku, Director-General of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, emphasized the importance of Traffictech-GH in promoting social order, fostering compliance with road traffic laws, and building public trust in law enforcement agencies. The system is designed to discourage road law violations by implementing automated fines, thereby contributing to safer roads and communities.


Doku highlighted the comprehensive nature of Traffictech-GH, stating that it serves multiple purposes: encouraging law-abiding behavior, increasing the detection rate of road traffic offenses, and ultimately enhancing cooperation between the public and law enforcement authorities.

The launch of Traffictech-GH underscores the GPS’s commitment to leveraging technology for a safer and more orderly road environment, aligning with broader goals of promoting road safety and responsible driving.


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