Mastercard and EMIS Forge Transformative Partnership to Catalyze Angola’s Digital Economy

Mastercard, a global leader in financial technology, has embarked on a strategic collaboration with Empresa Interbancária de Serviços S.A (EMIS), a pivotal player in Angola’s financial landscape. The partnership aims to introduce a co-branded contactless card equipped with EMV technology, serving as a catalyst for digital transformation and economic growth in Angola.

Empowering Interoperability and Cross-Border Payments

EMIS, also known as the Interbank Service Company, operates as the financial infrastructure backbone of the Angolan Payment System. With responsibilities ranging from interbank network management to direct debit processing and mobile virtual processes, EMIS is a linchpin in Angola’s financial ecosystem.


This partnership endeavors to offer cardholders, spanning individual consumers to small business owners, a unified card capable of facilitating cross-border payments within and beyond Angola’s borders. By establishing an interoperable payment system, the collaboration seeks to drive financial inclusion and enable seamless transactions.

Amplifying Financial Institutions’ Capabilities

The partnership between Mastercard and EMIS is poised to deliver substantial benefits to local financial institutions. Access to Mastercard’s cutting-edge technology and global expertise promises to enhance their operations, pave the way for cost synergies, and elevate the quality of services they provide. This alignment with Mastercard’s technology signifies a significant advancement for Angola’s Central Bank (BNA) in its pursuit of advancing financial inclusion, fostering digital economic growth, and nurturing an ecosystem of innovation.


Unleashing a New Wave of Digital Solutions

The collaboration extends beyond payment facilitation. Angolan banks stand to leverage Mastercard’s robust suite of solutions, including the loyalty platform, advanced fraud prevention and risk management tools, and Mastercard Payments Gateway Services. This empowers banks to bolster e-commerce endeavors, process online transactions seamlessly, and create a more secure and efficient financial landscape.

Shared Vision: Advancing Financial Inclusion and Economic Development

Mark Elliott, Division President, Sub Saharan Africa, at Mastercard, emphasized the partnership’s alignment with the company’s commitment to fostering a global digital economy that benefits diverse populations. This echoes Mastercard’s ambitious goal to onboard one billion people, including micro and small businesses and women entrepreneurs, into the digital economy by 2025.

José Matos, Chief Executive Officer of EMIS, underscored the collaborative effort’s role in accelerating Angola’s progress in the financial sector. By introducing an inclusive digital and financial ecosystem, the partnership aims to drive socioeconomic development, improve financial access, and contribute to Angola’s modernization.

Driving Angola’s Digital Future

In the larger context of Angola’s overarching strategy, this partnership aligns seamlessly with the nation’s focus on digital transformation and the growth of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector. The government’s commitment to technological modernization is a cornerstone in its fight against poverty, promotion of good governance, and pursuit of economic and social welfare.

Mastercard’s dynamic partnership with EMIS illuminates a promising trajectory for Angola’s digital future. The convergence of financial expertise and technological innovation holds the potential to catalyze growth, empower citizens, and usher Angola into a new era of economic prosperity and inclusivity.