China Opens Visa Application Centre in Accra to Boost Trade and Bilateral Relations

Accra, August 11, 2023 – In a move aimed at further strengthening trade ties and fostering bilateral relations, China has inaugurated a visa application centre in Accra. The centre, which officially opened its doors on Friday, August 11, 2023, is set to provide seamless and high-quality visa services to Ghanaians seeking to travel for business, trade, education, and tourism purposes.

Burgeoning Trade and Relations: A Background

The establishment of the visa application centre comes as trade between China and Ghana continues to flourish, reaching a remarkable $10.27 billion in 2022. As China holds the position of the world’s second-largest economy, it remains Ghana’s most significant trading partner and a key source of foreign investment.


Ambassador’s Perspective: Deepening Bilateral Ties

Lu Kun, the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, emphasized the significance of this development, marking a new chapter in the deepening of bilateral trade and cooperation between the two nations. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Ambassador Kun highlighted the robust relations between China and Ghana, which have evolved under the strategic guidance of their respective leaderships.

Fostering Various Exchanges: Beyond Trade

The visa application centre is expected to facilitate a variety of exchanges between China and Ghana, ranging from people-to-people interactions to tourism, business ventures, academic collaborations, and cultural exchanges. The aim is to streamline the visa application process and enhance the efficiency of the application process for Ghanaians interested in visiting China.


Milestone in Bilateral Relations: Ghana’s Perspective

Mrs. Mavis Nkansah Boadu, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, hailed the opening of the visa application centre as a significant milestone in the growing relationship between the two countries. She noted that this move symbolizes the strengthening ties in multiple sectors such as trade, investment, culture, and education.

Enhancing Security Measures: Ghana’s Commitment

The Deputy Minister also highlighted the Ghanaian government’s efforts to enhance security measures within the visa application process. This includes the implementation of a new visa application system featuring advanced security features, including a machine-readable visa hardware system, aimed at enhancing the travel experience for visitors to Ghana.

Commitment to Seamless Process: Centre’s Pledge

Ms. Xu Yeping, the Deputy General Manager of the Visa Department at CTG Travel Services Corporation Limited, expressed the commitment of the centre to providing a seamless and accessible process for visa applicants, further facilitating visits to China.

Conclusion: Strengthening Bonds and Facilitating Travel

The inauguration of the visa application centre signifies an important step forward in the ever-strengthening relationship between China and Ghana, as both nations look to foster increased collaboration and mutual understanding across various domains.

Source: GNA