Gold Fields Ghana Advances Gold Processing Efficiency with Cutting-edge Instrumentation Rig

Gold Fields Ghana, a leading mining company, has unveiled its ambitious plans to revolutionize gold processing efficiency through the acquisition of a pioneering comprehensive instrumentation rig. This groundbreaking acquisition is poised to redefine capacity enhancement in the country’s mining sector and set new benchmarks across Africa.

Image Source: CitiBusinessnews

Innovative Training for Unprecedented Capacity Building

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation Rig Aims to Transform Workforce Competence


The state-of-the-art instrumentation rig, valued at over €450,000, was inaugurated at a commissioning ceremony in Tarkwa. Joshua Mortoti, Head of Gold Fields West Africa, hailed the acquisition as a monumental stride towards expanding the company’s capabilities.

A Commitment to Employee Development and Innovation

Gold Fields’ Decade-Long Dedication to Nurturing Workforce Talents


Mortoti underscored Gold Fields’ unwavering commitment to employee development over the last decade. The €450,000 hi-tech rig symbolizes the company’s dedication to nurturing employee talents and competencies.

From Classroom Simulation to Real-World Mastery

Enhanced Skills for Gold Production and Troubleshooting

One Gold Fields process plant worker, Emmanuel Appiah, hailed the instrumentation rig as a game-changer in gold production. Appiah noted, “This rig equips us with the necessary skills to effectively address challenges, troubleshoot in the field, and excel in our roles.”

A Collaborative Vision for Industry Transformation

Partnership with Automation Group Ghana Opens Doors to Innovation

Ing Kweku Asmah, CEO of Automation Group Ghana, facilitated the procurement of the hi-tech rig and emphasized the far-reaching implications of this collaboration on the mining industry’s productivity.

Empowering the Next Generation of Miners

Gold Fields’ Investment in Host Communities’ Youth Training

Gold Fields Ghana also announced its plans to extend the rig’s benefits to the youth in its host communities. The forthcoming Gold Fields Training School’s instrumentation apprenticeship program will provide young individuals from the host communities with an opportunity to receive training on the rig’s advanced capabilities.

Engineering Excellence for Process Enhancement

Cutting-edge Technology to Drive Productivity and Maintenance

Simon Egloff, Business Development Manager of Endress and Hauser, the manufacturers behind the rig, lauded the innovation as an “engineering masterpiece.” Egloff highlighted the rig’s incorporation of cutting-edge technology, which promises process enhancements and heightened productivity.

With the unveiling of this groundbreaking instrumentation rig, Gold Fields Ghana reaffirms its commitment to pioneering advancements in the mining industry, nurturing its workforce, and fostering a culture of innovation that propels both its business and the sector to new heights.