Africa Money and DeFi Summit 2023: Accelerating Fintech and Web3 Innovation in Africa

The rapidly evolving landscape of fintech and Web3 technologies in Africa is set to take center stage at the Africa Money and DeFi Summit 2023, scheduled to be held in Accra, Ghana, on October 3rd and 4th. Supported by prominent industry players like Amazon Web Services, Pivo, and Fonbnk, the summit aims to foster collaboration and connect African fintech and Web3 industries with international stakeholders.

Driving Investments and Collaboration in Tech

The Africa Money and DeFi Summit 2023 is set to become a convergence point for industry experts, investors, regulators – including representatives from the Bank of Ghana – and innovators, all looking to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the African fintech and Web3 sectors. With a particular focus on driving tech investments and fostering collaborations, the summit promises to facilitate discussions that will shape the future of finance and technology in Africa.


Diverse Range of Topics

Building on the success of its sold-out edition in 2022, the Africa Money and DeFi Summit 2023 will delve into a diverse range of topics, spanning across fintech, Web3, regenerative finance (ReFi), cryptocurrencies, insurtech, cybersecurity, and much more. The event will feature keynote speeches from industry thought leaders, engaging panel discussions, and interactive masterclass sessions. Attendees can expect unparalleled networking opportunities and valuable insights into the future of fintech and Web3 in Africa.

African Nations Leading Web3 Adoption

A recent report by PwC & Emurgo Africa 2023 on the “State of Web3 in Africa” reveals that African nations are at the forefront of adopting blockchain technology. The adoption of blockchain by African countries is reported to be the fastest in the world. In 2022, blockchain funding across Africa witnessed an astounding 1,668% increase. Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are emerging as the leaders in Web3 adoption on the continent. Notably, between 2021 and 2022, the amount raised through blockchain funding surged from $5.165 million to an impressive $91 million.


Success Stories from Previous Editions

The Africa Money and DeFi Summit has already demonstrated its potential to drive meaningful collaborations and foster game-changing partnerships among businesses. In its 2022 edition, over 200 companies from more than 20 countries participated, representing a diverse range of 44 sectors. Among the ventures that showcased their solutions was Revio, a South African start-up. Presenting at the summit proved to be a transformative experience for Revio, as it garnered investor interest, secured over 12 client leads, and engaged in strategic partnership conversations.

Nicole Dunn, the Chief Operating Officer of Revio, expressed her enthusiasm about the opportunities that the summit presented. She said, “Pitching at the Africa Money & DeFi summit was a real highlight. The exposure led to over 12 client leads, investor interest, and several strategic partnership conversations. The audience was well-curated and allowed us to test our value proposition in a new market and build a valuable network.”

Investment Showcase: A Gateway to African Focused Tech Investors

Investor-ready ventures with pioneering solutions in fintech, DeFi, and Web3 technologies have the opportunity to participate in the Investment Showcase at the Africa Money and DeFi Summit 2023. The showcase will provide an ideal platform for companies to present their ventures to African-focused tech investors, network with other entrepreneurs, and gain insights from industry experts. Interested ventures can apply for the Investment Showcase before September 8th, 2023, by submitting their applications through the summit’s official website.

In conclusion, the Africa Money and DeFi Summit 2023 promises to be a pivotal event in the African fintech and Web3 space. As blockchain technology continues to gain traction across the continent, the summit’s focus on driving investments, promoting collaborations, and showcasing innovative ventures is sure to accelerate the pace of technological advancements and redefine the future of finance in Africa.

Source: Technovagh