MTN Uganda Unveils 5G Network in Kampala, Plans Nationwide Upgrade

KAMPALA – Last week, MTN Uganda marked a significant milestone in the country’s telecommunications industry by launching its 5G network in the capital city of Kampala. The move comes as part of the company’s ambitious plan to upgrade base stations in all major Ugandan cities to the next-generation technology within the next two years.

CEO Sylvia Mulinge’s Vision for Progress

The CEO of MTN Uganda, Sylvia Mulinge, expressed her excitement about the latest development, stating that the commercial 5G rollout would revolutionize internet connectivity and provide users with faster and more reliable services. With this launch, MTN Uganda becomes one of the pioneers in bringing 5G technology to the East African region.


Mulinge highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting specific targets set by regulators. She mentioned that MTN Uganda was determined to deliver internet speeds of at least 50Mbps and ensure 100% indoor coverage in Kampala city by the end of 2024. The company’s dedication to progress and innovation in the ICT sector is expected to drive economic growth and technological advancement in the region.

The upgrade of base stations to support 5G spectrum is not limited to Kampala alone. MTN Uganda has outlined plans to extend the 5G infrastructure to other major cities across the country in the coming months. By 2024, the company aims to have all its base stations upgraded to 5G technology, providing enhanced connectivity and an improved digital experience to Ugandans nationwide.


Acknowledging the importance of this achievement, Mulinge emphasized that the work on the 5G rollout had already commenced and assured the Ministry of ICT, the regulator, that MTN Uganda was fully committed to the timely implementation of the network upgrades. She expressed optimism that the move would not only boost connectivity but also elevate the quality of telecommunication services in the country.

Impact on Sectors and Industries

The introduction of 5G technology is expected to have a profound impact on various sectors in Uganda, including healthcare, education, agriculture, and business. The higher data speeds, low latency, and increased capacity that 5G offers will enable transformative innovations and solutions in these fields.

As the nation embraces the digital age, MTN Uganda’s initiative to invest in 5G infrastructure is seen as a significant step toward positioning Uganda as a leading technology hub in the region. With faster and more reliable internet connectivity, Ugandans can look forward to a future full of possibilities and opportunities for growth and development.

MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda is a leading telecommunications provider in Uganda and a subsidiary of the MTN Group, a multinational mobile telecommunications company with operations across Africa and the Middle East. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, MTN Uganda continues to play a vital role in the transformation of Uganda’s digital landscape.